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I think one of my biggest issues with society is their ability to make anyone feel shameful for enjoying a sexual act that doesn’t harm them or others. Instead of hiding your foot or ass or plushie fetish in the shadows, embrace it. You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops, but if someone calls you out, instead of slinking away with your fox or wolf tail buttplug between your legs, own it. “Yes, I like being tied up and fucked,” is a good answer when someone calls you out on it. This will give you the power back they tried to take from you. Again, if it isn’t harming anyone, including yourself, then there’s no harm in enjoying it.

By Elizabeth SaFleur I have no frickin’ idea how to start this post, except to tell you the truth. I was minding my own Internet business doing research when I came across this Psychology Today blog post talking about how fetishes aren’t so, well, fetish-y anymore. It’s a fascinating short read in which I learned in some parts of Japan you can […]

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