Excerpt: Tied-Up Tuesday

Tied-Up Tuesday is the second story from the 7 days of sin series. I hope you enjoy this excerpt. As usual, it’s really not safe for work or kids! This story includes taboo line-crossing between a professor and his sultry student. There’s a little bondage, a bit of spanking, and lots of orgasms on both sides.

“I’d use my belt on your thighs and calves, but you’re wearing this little skirt.” Professor Chase punctuated the words little skirt with two hard thwacks of the belt. I cried out much louder during those, they really did hurt and before he finished I clamped my lips against screaming out my safe word. I would earn those boxers or jockeys or whitey-tighties. Whatever he had on under those pants today would be mine when he was finished with me. Focusing on the goal helped.

I struggled harder, but he used the belt again. The pain streaked through my nerve-endings like lightning. I felt like I would ignite and explode any moment. “Please, no more!” I fought against the hold he had on me. I tried to stand. He shoved me back against the desk and shifted to stand directly behind me. Using his feet, he shoved mine further apart. I thought he was finished with the belt, but instead he wrapped it tightly around my wrists. I was quite sure it would leave marks, it was tight and cut into my tender skin. Wriggling my hands didn’t help matters at all. I wasn’t getting free.

Professor Chase bent over me and whispered into my ear, “You didn’t use your safe word.” I heard the soft thud of his pants falling to the floor, followed by a lighter one when he dropped his underpants. I kept trying to watch him, but a kink started forming in my neck and I really didn’t think it would be a good idea to continue forcing it into the same position.

With my hands tightly bound, he used both of his hands to separate my ass cheeks. I didn’t know he had dropped to his knees until I felt his tongue between my legs. It was tentative, as if he wasn’t sure I’d be interested in having his face between my legs. I shifted my legs further apart to give him more room to work. I knew what he would find there; that my hole was drenched with hot liquid. From the first smack of his bare hand against my tender skin I had been soaked. The walk to the hall this afternoon without panties on had gotten me a little damp.

When Professor Chase’s tongue circled my clit with precision, I thought I was going to die right there. “Oh, yes, please, Professor, don’t stop,” I wiggled against him, shifting my hips as best I could. A hand left my ass and slapped it hard. I stilled instantly, the heat of the strike coursed through my body. I wanted to soak his face. I wanted to scream his name. I waited for permission to climax, but it didn’t happen. His hot tongue lapped at my wet hole.

“Such a good girl.” In return for obeying him, he stood and spanked me a few more times. Before he was done, I was begging and pleading, tears running down my face again. Professor grabbed my hips and lifted until my toes just touched the ground. I still hadn’t seen his bare cock, but I knew what I would be dealing with; he was huge.

If you enjoyed this excerpt, it’s available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited for free or $2.99. Have a wonderfully Smutty Day.

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