Excerpt: Steamy Saturday Night

SteamySaturdayNight-16x24-FlatRemember that other series I mentioned a while back, more than once? Well, the first short story is out. Enjoy meeting Emma, who is literally swept off her feet by Raul on her last night in paradise on a work-related trip.

This is just the first short steamy story in the 7 Days of Sin Series. Yep, I started on Saturday. I couldn’t help it. I believe it’s my favorite day of the week.

I’ve got Friday being worked on and ideas for each of the other days rolling around in my ideas sheet, but these are kind of on the back burner still as I continue to work on Blackmailed Supervisor for the Supervisor Sexcapades Saga. I have two other short stories that haven’t been put out for that as well. Short as in one is 5000 words (short short) and short as in the other is 10,000 words. One is waiting for an answer (still) because I submitted it to an anthology with the hopes of spreading my wings into actually getting published. I’ve been waiting since the end of October for an answer. But then I saw I had the email address wrong and resent it in December. (Remember how I mentioned it’s a good idea to reply to people who send you submissions, even if it’s an auto-message reply? Yeaaaah.)

Anyway, check out this Excerpt from Steamy Saturday Night:

“What do you do when you’re not working that makes your fingertips so rough?” Raul paused in his ministrations, his head fell back and he laughed. When he stopped laughing, he finished off his beer. “You are quite inquisitive, Emma. I like to work on my home. My hands are a bit rough, yes? I started adding a deck. I like working with wood.” Raul smiled big and his fingers started moving again, but this time they caressed the underside of my breast through my bra. “Do you like the feel of my rough fingers, Emma?”

When he said that, his lips were pressed against my ear and the loose tendrils of hair that escaped my ponytail tickled my skin. Goosebumps rose all over me at once and the heat of desire followed them. I tilted my head away from Raul, but not to dissuade him. I wanted to feel his lips against my skin. “Yes, I like your fingers very much, Raul.”

The alcohol running through my body relaxed me. I felt warm and giddy from the feel of Raul’s body against mine, the way his fingers felt as he teased my skin with his touch. I couldn’t help but laugh softly and my hand rose. Before I realized it, my fingers ran across his jaw covered in dark stubble. I wanted to feel his face against my neck and other places.

I felt his thumb probing the edges of my bra. I wanted to feel his fingers probing me elsewhere, though. When his lips touched my neck, I gasped softly. I couldn’t help it. The heat of his body, the feel of his hands, the heat of Raul’s breath, it was overwhelming. I felt the fingers of his other hand graze my thigh. I wondered what he had in mind. His hand found mine, the one that wasn’t touching his face, and gently took it.

Lifting my hand to his lips he gently sucked on my fingertips, one by one. His eyes never left mine as he did. “I would very much like to know more about you, Emma.” He guided my hand down between his legs and pressed it against his jeans. I felt just how he wanted to get to know me. Raul gently nibbled on my earlobe, and I melted right there. I could feel his hips moving slightly. He used his hand to press mine against his cock. I realized I hadn’t given him any way of knowing that I wanted the same thing. I was just letting him do all of the work. It was time to let him know that I wanted him, too.

Taking control, I rubbed my hand up and down the length of his cock. There wasn’t much more I could do with it being trapped in his pants. Turning to face him, I licked my lips slowly, hoping it would look sexy to him. It must have, because it wasn’t more than a moment later that his tongue was in my mouth, twisting with my own.

If you’ve enjoyed this Excerpt of Steamy Saturday Night, you can get it on Smashwords or Amazon right now for $2.99.

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