Excerpt: Possession: Kendrick – Episode Two

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope your holiday season is running smoothly and drama-free. I wanted to give you another sneak peek from Possession, so here is Episode Two, following Kendrick. If you didn’t see Episode One, here’s a link. FYI, Possession is exclusive to Radish. It won’t be available anywhere else. Thank you!

“So, it is a sex club.” I felt the heat fill my face when Maryann answered me. Uncertainty filled me to the point that I felt a little sweaty and sick. I swallowed, then took a deep breath. I needed this job. There wasn’t any other option if I wanted to stay at school. I didn’t even have to load the coolers, just serve beer and the handful of mixed drinks offered.

“Not exactly. We’re a BDSM Lifestyle Club with a training center. During the day when the club is closed, we have several classes going on for employees and those interested in learning more about whatever kinks have caught their eye.” Maryann handed me brochures with photos and information about the classes. “During the night, we have live shows on the floor and we have areas available to people who want to play. It’s very rare that anyone has actual intercourse, and if they do, it’s probably a private event or in a private room.” The way she spoke, so straight-forward, just the facts amazed me. She was my age and working at a sex club. I wondered if she only managed the office or if she participated as well.

“But, what does that mean for me? Are people going to be asking me to play or…?” I ran a hand through my hair, messing it up even worse. It needed cut, but I hadn’t had time between class, physical therapy, homework, and job hunting.

“You don’t have to participate in anything if you don’t want to. We also want to have Dimitri, head of security, train you in some defensive maneuvers in case of an unruly guest. That’s just a precaution and we’ll wait until you’re cleared by your doctor. You’ll wear a black band stating you aren’t involved in any shows or interested in playing.” She handed me a set of colored armbands, each one a different color. Red, Blue, Purple, and Black.

“What do all these colors mean?” There was too much at once, but I was determined to work passed my personal issues and make an effort to give the job, and the club, a chance. It wasn’t my place to judge what people did with their lives, their bodies. And maybe I would learn something about myself along the way. Maybe I’d learn I didn’t want anything to do with it and just be a well-paid bartender until school ended.

“Red means you’re dominant, blue means submissive, purple is for switch, and black means none of the other colors matter because you aren’t involved in any shows or playtime. We try to keep it simple. Everyone gets armbands, it’s just protocol.” Maryann smiled at me, adjusted her librarian glasses and pulled out a folder. “Shall we get started filling out the paperwork?”

Making the decision that would help me stay at college and finish my degree shouldn’t be difficult. It’s a simple yes. So why was I having a hard time saying yes? It’s not like I was a virgin, and I had seen various types of porn. Knowing that people were going to be willingly bound and more in front of me made the difference. Willing. If they were willing to have this done, and enjoy it as well, then it shouldn’t be an issue for me to work among them, knowing they wouldn’t try to go against my personal preferences. Whatever my personal preferences happened to be, I didn’t really know.

“Yes. Let’s get that out of the way. Thanks so much for this opportunity.” Putting myself on solid ground in my head helped. I could do this, all I had to do was keep an open mind and keep my boundaries solid. No problem.

Stepping into the bright sunshine after walking through the darkened club, I squinted at my phone. Todd had texted me several times. He’d never done that in the past, so I quickly unlocked my phone. I grumbled when I saw the contents were simply him wanting to know if he was right.

Yeah, fucker. You were right. But I’m still taking the job. I get to see hot women who are mostly naked doing naughty things – and they are paying ME. HaHa!

I hit send, snickering as I got into my car. That would definitely put a cork in his mouth. Maybe. There wasn’t much that caused Todd to be quiet. He did everything loud and I mean everything. It was difficult being in the same room with him.

Excitement filled me, enough that I was turned on all over again. I kept picturing Maryann in something skimpy, her hair wrapped in my fist as she begged me to spank her harder. Cheeks flushed from desire and ass cheeks flushed from my hand smacking them. I shook the thoughts away before I put the car into a ditch and sat up straight in the driver’s seat. I would start my training tomorrow after my last class. It would be stupid to wreck now.

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