Excerpt: Possession: Episode Three – Kendrick

Hey everyone! I hope the first month of the new year has been going well for you. Keep up with those resolutions if you dared to make them, I know you can do it. If you need a smutty break (and who doesn’t?) here’s an episode of Possession for your enjoyment!

“You’ll put my name on the list, right?” Todd’s face appeared earnest but I knew him too well. However, we were alone in the dorm room, so it might be genuine since there weren’t any women around for him to gawk at. He’d already asked me five times and I reached the end of my rope.

“No, man. I can’t do that.” I tapped with one finger on my phone to help keep count while I did exercises for my arm and shoulder. My anger levels had risen a little since not being active. Running drills, lifting weights, taking a long run in the evening used to blow off whatever steam I had in the off-season. During the season, all I needed were a few good hits. I never realized until I’d been put on the permanent injured list how much Todd truly irritated me.

“What? Why?” He stopped throwing the orange squeeze ball at the wall and sat up, swinging his long legs over the edge of the bed. “I thought we were best buds.” The wounded note in his voice sounded real. Who is this guy?

“Look, I start training tomorrow after my last class. I don’t even know if there is a list. I go through some kind of special orientation tomorrow afternoon. That’s all I’ve been told. Sorry, man. And don’t be showing up at the door throwing my name around, either. You’ll get me fired and then I’ll have no choice but to go home.” I gave him the look I gave opposing teams, the one that let him know he’d be hurting pretty bad if he decided to mess with me.

“Yeah, man. Okay, I got it. Brand new job. You get all the breaks.” Todd hopped off the bed and headed for the door. I stayed silent, wondering if he’d realized where he went wrong in that statement.

When he paused and looked back at me, I was sure he was about to apologize. “Look, so maybe in like a couple of months you’ll get me in, right?”

“I’m going to throw this weight at you if you ask me again.” My voice was very soft, with a bit of effort as I lifted the stupid little weight. I needed to heal. I followed every rule the physical therapist gave me. She let me know I could push a little, but not so much that I land back on the operating table.

“Alright, I’m out. Don’t wait up.” Todd closed the door hard enough to blow my concentration. I set the weight down and stared at it. I wasn’t sweating from the exertion, I was sweating because of my emotions. Or so I told myself.

Closing my eyes and breathing didn’t help as much for me, either, so I got up and grabbed my towel. The exertion with the weight had taken a toll, so I grabbed my sling and put it on, then headed for the shower.


Maryann giggled and I smiled. “You’re such a bad boy, Kenny. Do you mind if I call you Kenny?” The way her fingers drew down my arm and her voice went all sultry caused my heart rate to spike. We were sitting close together in the club. Her thigh rested against mine, soft pale skin against my khakis. Everything seemed fuzzy around the edges and we were completely alone.

In the short time I’d known Maryann, she hadn’t appeared to be the type to giggle in the way she was right now. She appeared serious but someone who could also have fun. The giggling and my surroundings made me realize that I was dreaming. Once I realized it was a dream, I decided to fully engage.

And then my alarm started screeching. I hit snooze, but the bubble had popped and I couldn’t recapture it. I stretched, careful of my shoulder, then sat up. Todd’s bed was empty across the room. Not knowing how much time I’d have alone, I got up and started getting ready to go. The quicker I was out the door, the less I’d have to worry about hearing his sexcapades from the night before.

It didn’t take long and I headed for the nearest coffee cart. I kept thinking about tonight, the training I’d be doing. The brochures Maryann had given me were full of information. I had even searched online for some of the things mentioned before falling asleep. I felt a little in over my head, but there was nothing for me to do but jump.

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