Excerpt: Ms. Fix-it: Trish and Her Fairytale Night

Please Note: The following excerpt may not be safe for work or kids! It includes unsolicited spanking, making out in a restroom, and naughty thoughts about female on female sex!

I couldn’t concentrate. I kept getting orders mixed up slightly and some of the patrons were grumbling. It was a good thing I had several jobs because I knew my tips were going to suck ass tonight. Pocahontas, whose real name I still didn’t know, sat quietly in the corner. I could feel her dark eyes following me as I got my ass slapped by guys old enough to be my daddy. Since I kept screwing up their drinks, I didn’t bitch at them about slapping my ass.

Every time a hand cracked me, she smiled. I wondered what that meant. Did she like seeing my ass get spanked? I wanted to feel her hand on my ass, not the old timers in the pub. I wish I could’ve called off and spent the entire evening between her legs. I still remembered the taste of her on my fingers. The feel of her tongue as it twirled with mine.

People were crazy and we were way above capacity. There were people out on the sidewalk waiting to get in. The air conditioning wasn’t working all that great so Mitch had turned it off. The doors and windows were all open, the ceiling fans pulled heat and smoke to the ceiling. Luckily there had been a break in the heat after sunset and a cool breeze was blowing through. For once, I didn’t mind wearing the work outfit. Pink top with white polka dots, tied below the breasts and almost, but not quite, Daisy Dukes. We always wore comfortable tennis shoes because of all the walking on nights like this, and you can’t forget the cowboy hat.

I signaled to the other servers that I was taking a pee break. I didn’t really need one. I needed to breathe and the restroom was the best place to do it. We had an employee only one in the back so I slipped behind the stairs that led to the loft and locked the door behind me. Someone tried the doorknob shortly after. “Occupied!”

They rattled the door knob again, this time it was like they were trying to take it off. I turned the knob and threw the door open, about to let loose a string of words that would make my Momma take me over her knee even though I was a full-grown adult. It was her, my Pocahontas, standing at the door. A sexy smile graced her lips and she pushed her way into the small space.

I opened my mouth to apologize, and instead found her tongue shoved hard into it. Her firm, round breasts met mine and she rubbed against me. My nipples perked up immediately at the invasion of my personal space. She had changed into shorts, ankle boots, and a little tank top that didn’t hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Every guy that had gone over to chat with her had been sent away.


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