Excerpt: Ms. Fix-It: Shawna and the Outcast Millionaire

If you enjoyed the Fix-It Fast stories with a sweet romantic theme, then you’ll probably enjoy this second chance romance with naughty make-up sex. Coming soon to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

While not late, I wanted to get home and shower, then dig an inch or two into some ice cream while watching a stupid romantic comedy. I missed David and he was right there, waiting for me to acknowledge him and all I could think of was the way his family looked at me when he introduced me. Stern, almost cruel faces. They took in my short, tan stature with dark curls and had the nerve to ask me about my lineage.

I had the unfortunate experience of meeting the extended family as well. They were all very tall, very blonde, and elitist. The acronym ‘WASP’ had come to mind when I looked around and took in my surroundings. The wealth of his family competed with their rudeness. I knew I didn’t stand a chance in his family and I wasn’t going to be miserable and in love at the same time. Not one person that entire weekend had looked at me without some kind of sneer on their mouth. David and I returned to campus as soon as his mother would allow him to leave. Not long after that, I had cut myself off from David.

I stood and gathered my jacket and tossed some money on the table. “I’ve got to get home. Do not be up all night. I expect each of you at the house bright and early and ready to work. If you don’t want to work Saturday, we need to get our asses in gear.” I had forgotten George was sitting there until he giggled at me. “Sorry, little man. Don’t repeat what I say, I’ve got a potty mouth.”

I slipped out the door and there was David, leaning up against my little pickup truck. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath before I opened them didn’t make him disappear. I counted to five while walking over. Before I could speak, his mouth was on me, his arms around me and his hands on my ass, pressing me against every inch of his hard body. The next thing I knew, we were at my place and the drive there was a complete blur.

A little voice said this was a bad idea, but before I knew it, David was taking the fashion scarf down I had hung on my headboard a few months ago to tie my wrists. Once my hands were tied tightly to the headboard, David straddled my chest. His cock, long and hard, settled between my breasts. He pressed them together with his huge hands and thrust between them. I tilted my head so that I could lick the tip every time it was close enough.

He tilted his head back as he continued to torture me. His thumbs flicked back and forth over my nipples. Intermittently, he would pinch and twist lightly. I could taste the salty goodness on the head of his cock as his desire ramped up higher with each push.

If you enjoyed this excerpt from Ms. Fix-It: Shawna and the Outcast Millionaire you can find it on Amazon for Free in Kindle Unlimited or $2.99

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