Excerpt: Ms. Fix-It: Ria and Her Accidental Vow

Ria is the klutz of the family. She has a bad habit of shredding original documents, losing paperwork, and making rash decisions. The family stands by her, though, so she puts up with the jokes and the betting pool. What the hell will they do when they find out she came back from a trade show with a husband?

Fix-It-Ria_8x5-PromoB“My crew will be back to finish in the morning. I’ll send over copies of the paperwork for you to sign off on the job.” I strode out of the building. Once I reached my truck, I hopped inside and cranked the country music. The crew had left for lunch without me and now I planned to take a nice long lunch. I belted out the lyrics along with the radio. Badly, but it was a tension-reliever.

Once I reached town, I turned the music way down. I didn’t normally care but my ass was vibrating. I realized that my phone was still in my back pocket. I stopped at the red light and looked at the screen. Lucien again. “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood came on the radio and I thought about the irony of that. At least that was one thing I knew; my husband’s name.

Husband. The thought hit me hard. I was married to a gorgeous, sweetheart of a man who wanted to be with me and I fled because he had gotten wrapped up in a dangerous job. Did he make a mistake? Yes. Was he human? Absolutely, and the mold was definitely broken with him. Did I want to be with him? Not if it endangered my life or the life of my loved ones.

I ignored the call and then dialed Fiona. She’d been at the trade show with me and caught me when I was shame-walking my way back into our room on the last day. I blurted everything out to her the second I saw her and she’d been kind enough to keep my secret. I was so antsy I didn’t move until someone lightly tapped their horn at me. The light had turned green and two people had already driven off.

Hitting the gas, Fiona finally answered. “Hey, girl, what kind of crazy ass trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?” Even though the only trouble I had gotten myself into had happened in Vegas, she still answered my calls this way. It had happened months ago. I guess in a way I did deserve the sarcastic remarks. Getting married in Vegas to a guy I didn’t know was pretty bad. I knew enough about him that I was able to run a background check to get his contact details. Once I had them, I sent annulment papers for him to sign.

“Lucien keeps calling me. I keep ignoring the calls. Why won’t he just sign the damn papers, Fi?” I was totally frustrated at this point. I hit the brakes hard as a light turned red in front of me. The guy that beeped his horn at me earlier blasted it long and loud this time. I’d flip him the bird but the name of the company was on the truck and it was frowned upon.

Ms. Fix-It: Ria and Her Accidental Vow is available on Amazon in Kindle UnlimitedĀ or $2.99.

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