Excerpt: Ms. Fix-It: Peyton and Her Double Dessert

Meet Peyton and her boyfriend, and their girlfriend. Yep, that’s right, this Ms. Fix-It contains a steamy polyamorous relationship. It’ll be Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Simone rang up my order and I handed her my card. It didn’t take long for her to hand me the slip to sign. I put a little note on the receipt telling her to have an awesome day. I enjoyed doing things like that to perk up people in general and it was no different with Simone. “See you at dinner, mistress?”

“Yes, yes you will.” I walked out and the heat slammed into me. It felt good for about the first two minutes. Luckily, I was in sandals, a respectable flowing ankle-length skirt, and a thin blouse. I sucked down some of the iced coffee and hopped back up into my big truck. The thing was huge and I loved it. My legs were long enough to reach the pedals without any issues and I was tall enough to see over the dash. The looks on the faces of people when they saw me hop out were always entertaining.

My phone started ringing as soon as I set it in the holder. I started the truck and turned the air on, then answered the phone. “This is Peyton; how can I help you?”

“Hey, P. Do you have the paperwork with you for Johnson Hardware? There are some discrepancies and my copy went AWOL.”  Ria was a walking black hole when it came to paperwork. It didn’t matter how many times you gave it to her, she would misplace it, misfile it, or accidentally shred it. The office joke was only to give her the original copies of bills to accidentally misplace when we needed an extra day or two to make a payment.

“Yep. I’ve got to take some paperwork over to Shawna for a signature, but I can stop there on the way and give you a copy.” I took another long drink from my iced coffee. I loved having a hands-free phone option in my truck. “I’ll be there in about twenty, give or take.”

“Thanks cuz. You’re my lifesaver.” I stifled a laugh and hit the end button for the call, then backed up to head out. Some days the phone never stopped ringing, today seemed to be one of those days. I pressed the button on the wheel to answer it.

“This is Peyton. What can I help you with?” I hadn’t bothered looking at the caller ID. I needed to keep my eyes on the road. I could easily drive the monster one-handed, but I always had to keep my eyes focused.

“You can start by telling me the color of your panties.” Beau’s gruff voice came through the speakers of the truck like a surround sound movie. I wiggled a little in the seat, my panties damp from his sexy, deep voice.

“Baby, I’ll tell you whatever color you want them to be if you keep talking to me.” His laugh was short and low, but it meant the world to me hearing it. “Today, I’m wearing boring beige because tomorrow is laundry day.”

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  1. And worth every single penny.

    OH. MY. GOD.

    This isn’t even a threesome in the usual sense, this is so much more. This is three people who just love each other and enjoy sharing themselves. No hang ups. A lovely story and hot enough that I want to masturbate just thinking about it.

    1. Every single time I read this comment, I get the biggest smile on my face. I fucking love you.

      1. That’s my really brief review, lol 🙂 I love you more!!!

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