Excerpt: Ms. Fix-It: Fiona and Her Knotty Life

Meet Fiona. She’s a little sassy and knows exactly what she wants. Her problem? Getting it. She finally meets a guy through a website and after being extra patient in getting to know him without being tied up, she’s ready to take that next step.

Fix-It-Series_Fiona-8x5-PromoMonday morning had rolled around and I had arrived early at the work site. As I texted Micah something silly, a knock on the glass made me jump. Brad was standing there, a concerned look on his face. He’d crowded the door, so I rolled down the window letting the cool air from the cab escape.

“I can’t get out unless you want me to slam you with the door, Brad,” I smiled to show that I was joking, but he looked quite serious about trapping me inside the truck. I could easily slide over and get out the other side, but I was curious. I really needed to kill the kitty inside me, it always got me in trouble.

“I’m worried about you,” he handed me his phone, the screen lit up. Taking the phone, I felt confusion fill me. I looked at the screen. It was a photo of me with Micah at the club. I was wearing a bikini and he was tying me up. My wrists were tied above my head in a two-column gauntlet while Micah and Rafe created an intricate corset around my breasts and ribcage.

A flush filled my face that a private photo of us had been leaked like this. The club promised absolute discretion. Who the hell had been there that knew me and Brad well enough to send this to him? Or did he take it himself? It couldn’t have been Brad; he’d been at the concert the same night.

“Where did you get this,” I could hear the fear in my voice, but he would hear the anger. Heat rose through my body as my anger climbed to a new level. There had been an incident a few days prior to us going to the club. Micah and I weren’t able to get the private room we’d booked. Rafe, one of the trainers, offered us a free lesson in his area, which was more discreet than others.

The club had a non-disclosure agreement that people had to sign before they could become a member. No one was allowed to bring in phones or cameras. Yet, someone had captured Micah and I in a somewhat compromising position. You couldn’t see Micah’s face, but mine was clear as the bright summer sky. No one was searched all that well and someone got away with sneaking in a phone. I would have to report it to the manager or owner, but first… I needed to know who.

I couldn’t keep the smirk off my face and rolled the window up. The doors to the truck were already locked and I had the keys. Brad started pounding on the window yelling as I searched to find out where he’d gotten the photo from. A grimace formed on my face, my forehead scrunched up as I searched through the text messages. I had a good signal and pulled in any deleted messages in the past week onto his phone.

That’s when I saw it. I didn’t recognize the name, but the number was local. I took a screenshot and sent it to my phone. Once my phone chimed, I sent it to Micah with a detailed message that we had a problem and if he could look into it because I was about to ream someone new holes.

Fiona and Her Knotty Life is available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited or $2.99!

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