Excerpt: Ms. Fix-It: Madison and Her First Time

So, I stumbled upon an idea and I ran with it so hard I’ve already written the first two THREE short, raunchy stories of this series. I hope the ideas keep coming (in more ways than one). I hope they get you off. Enjoy the following Excerpt.

Please Note: The following Excerpt contains outdoor, public sex. NSFW or Kids.

Hot breath hit the outer edge of my ear. “Your ass looks so damn good in those tight short-shorts.” Caleb’s body was very close to mine, so close that I could feel a bulge in his pants against my ass. While he pressed against me, I swear I felt his cock twitch and lengthen.

Instantly, my panties were soaked. I remembered the fantasies of my teenage years. I remembered changing the names in trashy romance novels to ours. I blushed as I thought about watching faceless porn when I was home alone, thinking of him as I touched myself. It hadn’t taken more than few seconds for all this to crash through my brain as my panties became uncomfortable against my soaked pussy.

Taking a chance, I pushed my ass into him and rubbed side to side. I hoped he would think it was sexy. “Do you now?” I licked my lips, wondering if he’d prefer something like the bright red lipstick cousin Josie wore instead of my pretty in pink lip gloss.

His huge hands on my hips caused my heart to skip a beat as he pulled me hard against him, settling his cock between my ass cheeks through his pants and my shorts. Caleb rubbed his length against me and my mouth dropped open again, shocked at his size.

“We should go inside.” I looked around and saw the empty houses, the driveways waiting to be surrounded by flowers or shrubs. My mind went blank when Caleb’s hands slipped to the front of my shorts and unbuttoned them.

“Why? There’s no one around. It’s just us.” His long fingers slipped inside to find my drenched panties. A groan of desire rumbled against my ear as he pressed his fingertips into my wetness through the flimsy cloth.

“Oh, god.” My hands gripped the bed of the truck hard. As my hips moved back and forth against his probing fingers, my eyes slid shut.

“Do you like that, Madison?” Caleb’s voice had gone deeper than I’d ever heard it before. His lips and tongue pressed against my neck. As I tilted my head to give him better access, my long black ponytail slid out of the way. His fingers delved inside my panties and his fingers stroked the outside lips of my wet hole. I felt myself melting against his hard body.

“Yes.” My voice sounded a little scared. Caleb used his other hand to unzip my shorts and push them down. When they reached my ankles, I automatically stepped out of them. I rubbed my ass against his cock. I wondered if I should tell him I’m a virgin, but the thought was fleeting. His tongue was doing wonderful things to my ear and I couldn’t focus on anything but his hot body pressed against mine.

“Are you a good little girl, Madison?” Caleb’s fingers skittered back and forth against my clit. My knees buckled and he had to grab me around the waist.

“Yes! I’m a good girl. Oh, Caleb, that feels so good. Please don’t stop.” The orgasm was quick and rocked me to my core. Stop turned into a moan that came out of my mouth and was a little loud. It bounced and echoed off the houses and down the empty street.

If you enjoyed the Excerpt, you can purchase Ms. Fix-It and Her First Time at Amazon and Smashwords.


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