Excerpt: Mistaken Monday – a 7 days of sin Short Story

I know you’ve been waiting patiently for the next installment to come out for the 7 days of sin short story series. I keep rotating what I’m working on – so I’m always working on something. The Fix-It Fast Series kind of took over everything else and, even though I knew what I wanted to do with the story, a chat with the illuminating Nicci Haydon gave me a better idea. Instead of going up against the ban hammer at Amazon, I decided to change it from a step-siblings have sex story to a sister-in-law and some mistaken identity. I hope you enjoy this excerpt for Mistaken Monday!

MistakenMonday-PromoUnable to see because Trish’s body was blocking my view, her mouth continued to do something to Raina, her hands reached up to tweak her nipples, pinching them hard. Raina cried out in pain and when Trish let go, the moan ended with a happy sigh. A low giggle erupted from my brother’s wife and I stood there, cock in hand, wondering what was going to happen next. I couldn’t look away.

Trish placed kisses all along her legs and I thought for a moment she was going to let her loose, but instead she changed the placement of the scarf further up her leg. Tightening everything, she moved to the other leg and repeated it. Now Raina’s hips were open wide and I could feel pre-cum leaking from the head of my shaft to dribble down. Once everything was settled, she went back to kissing and licking her way up Raina’s body.

Raina returned her kiss when Trish reached her lips in a way that almost caused me to shoot my load over the wall and door. I wished I could open the door a little further, but I didn’t dare. I stood there and remembered to stroke my cock as I watched. Shock still made me forget that it was real and not a porn movie happening in front of me.

My brow furrowed as I couldn’t understand at first why Raina started moaning and bucking her hips and then I realized Trish wasn’t wearing some kind of wide-band thong. She was wearing a strap-on dildo. Trish wriggled her hips, inching the dildo into my sister’s snatch.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot.” My eyes widened at speaking out loud. I froze, watching the mirror for any sign that they could have overheard me in the hallway. When neither of them stopped what they were doing, I got a little braver and gently, with the tip of one finger, pushed the door a quarter inch wide. And then another. One more time and I could see much more of them in the mirror than I could before.

Stroking my cock lightly, I waited to see if she’d get the big black dildo into Raina. It seemed to be taking a while, but Trish might be teasing her again. Maybe they didn’t use enough lube. I licked my hand, tasting myself, to help with my own lube shortage and gave myself a few hard shakes.

My ex-girlfriend always played with my balls when she jacked me or blew me off, so I used my other hand to try to make the same type of movements she would. Light squeezing to hard squeezing, rolling them around in my hand, as I watched Trish push the fake cock into Raina.

“I could give her a real cock, but she would probably bite it off.” I couldn’t help but mumble to myself. I kept saying little things under my breath. “Take that big fake cock, you slut,” had been the favorite I’d come up with. I knew I could do better, though.

There wasn’t any way for me to really tell how much of the dildo she was taking. Trish had propped Raina’s hips up and was bent forward over her. I bet the angle hit all the right spots in that wicked woman. She kept making these little mewling noises and, from what I could tell, trying to pull away a little.

I slapped my cock, not too hard. Just hard enough to send a jolt through my body. It wasn’t enough, so I slapped it again for good measure. Pinching my nipple, I felt an electric zing through my body. I almost shot my load all over the wall when I heard Raina start moaning like a banshee. Pleasure coursed through my muscles, tightening the hand on my cock, I whacked it hard and fast.

I couldn’t really tell what was happening in the mirror and with the sweat coating my skin I was going to need another shower after this. I held my breath after grunting, afraid they heard me. That’s when I heard a hum coming from the bedroom. Trish grabbed Raina’s hips and started fucking her like it was the end of the world. Raina started screaming incoherent words. What I could make out didn’t make much sense and when that went away, it looked like she was flopping around on the bed as if she were possessed. The dildo must have some kind of vibrator feature. I wonder what that felt like for about two seconds and then two sets of eyes met mine in the mirror.

“What the fuck,” Raina didn’t sound angry, or even displeased. She sounded kind of miffed. Trish pulled the fake cock out and hopped off the bed. I couldn’t stop staring at it flopping as she walked over to me, the thing was covered in Raina’s juices. It glistened and my mouth watered.

Before I could make a run for it, Trish grabbed my upper arm and pulled me into the room. I could take her easy, but I was still shocked about what I’d witnessed. Raina was still tied to the bed. Trish forced me to my knees and I allowed it. “Well, well, well,” her voice was deeper than most women, as if she smoked just enough to get a little gravel in the sound.

“I um–” She slapped me across the face so hard I thought I’d have to put ice on it to avoid a mark. She grabbed me by my hair and when I tried to speak again, she shoved my open mouth down onto the big black dildo covered with the sweet, succulent taste of Raina. Protesting didn’t get me anywhere, the fake cock muffled it completely.

“Don’t struggle. Take as much as you can. Clean it off.” When I tried to speak again, she shoved my mouth down more. I wondered if this was how my ex felt when I face-fucked her.

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