Excerpt: Lucky Supervisor

*** Please note: This excerpt is NSFW and NSFChildren. If you are 18+, please feel free to continue. ***

“Oh, fuck,” breathlessly left her lips as Landon slowly slid three thick fingers inside her wetness. The pressure of his fingers flicking against the inside of her with the rapid circles his tongue was making caused Breanna to drench his hand. Moments later, Landon pushed the chair back and licked each finger for her. Breanna thought Landon looked a little peeved about something but she let it go. Landon mentioned a fantasy once about them caught together, but never mentioned whom he wanted to catch them together.

Breanna took charge by shoving her hands into his blonde, hipster-styled hair and pulling him up. He barely glanced at her with his baby blues and started to push her chair back. Pulling her gently from the chair, Landon watched as her skirt rode further up to expose her soaked with her own juices. Breanna reached down for his cock, but he stopped her before she could get her hot little hand around his length.

Breanna found her wrists captured in one of his hands, “Not today, babe. I am going to fuck you hard and fast. I have a meeting in about half an hour.” He laid her out on the floor, keeping her wrists trapped, and then freed his cock with his other hand. Gripping Breanna by her clothing, he lifted her and slid into her waiting wetness.

There were pros and cons to Landon rushing when they were together. On one hand, it meant that she would get a hard pounding, on the other it meant she didn’t get all the teasing foreplay. Regardless, the sex was always good and she was never left wanting. Landon’s big cock reached the sweet spot that made her melt into a puddle. When he thrust himself inside her, regardless of being soaked from the tongue-fucking earlier, it was rough. Breanna knew she was going to be sore later but it was worth it.

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