Excerpt: Fix-It Fast: Ms. Fix-It: Danielle and the Jock

Please Note: The following excerpt may not be safe for work or kids. It includes slinging beers and flirting for tips, kissing cousins and getting your hands dirty!

My phone buzzed with a text. Glancing at it, I looked over my shoulder at Rhys. He was looking at me with an expectant look on his face. I wanted to make him smile, so I replied ‘I’d like that’ to his question about seeing me at the bar later tonight. My first job was wrangling the kids during summer break when the parents were all at work. I had some help from my cousin Trish. It was much easier keeping them under control with two of us. We were a working family, so even the kids had to earn their keep more often than not with chores that were age-related. Today we would all be working in gardens and getting our hands dirty.

I also tended bar at the Broken Spoke. It wasn’t a big place, but it was right in town and a lot of the farmers and locals came to drink. More often than not it got rowdy, sometimes enough that a fight broke out. Tonight we had live music and that brought everyone out.

Now Rhys was going to be there, too. Watching me tend bar. I felt a flutter of panic deep down inside. It wasn’t like he hadn’t come to the bar before or anything, but this time he specifically asked if he’d see me later.

I stepped out from the shower and double-checked my nail polish. Satisfied that they’d survived another day, I continued to my bedroom to get dressed. My first job as family kid wrangler didn’t pay much. Everyone pitched in with the family, though, so you took what you were paid and said thank you. Bartending paid my rent and utilities. My apartment was a small place above Crafts ‘N More and I got some exercise by walking to the Broken Spoke.

I had no clue what to wear. Jeans were out, it was way too hot. I always felt like my legs looked like sausages when I wore shorts, though. It was Friday night and there was live music, so dressing up might be the best idea to get bigger tips. But, I wanted to be comfortable, too. I grabbed a deep purple wrap-dress. It showed off my pale skin and brightened my red hair even more.

Leaving my hair in long, soft curls after having it wrapped up in a low bun all day was heavenly. Kids grabbed hair and got things tangled in it, so wearing it down around them tends to be a bad idea. I preferred wearing it down to show off the gentle waves. After donning jewelry and a light scented body spray, I slipped into comfortable but classy flats and out the door.

As soon as Chad caught sight of me, he whistled. The man had no shame. He would hit on any female within sight. Unfortunately, the guy is drop dead gorgeous. The kind of hot that belongs on the cover of a muscle magazine. He always wore wife beater tanks to show off his broad chest and back and tight jeans to show off his thick thighs. I could not stand him. He’d hurt so many women with his roaming ways and they never learned. I ignored the whistling. I also hoped he didn’t get ridiculously trashed tonight. When he did, he got handsy and I hated feeling his paws on my body.

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  1. This is shaping up very nicely 🙂

    1. Yes! I’m working on #6 and I need to review #5 and get it up. If I’m quick I can have 5 coming out on April 30th and then have the other 5 come all out on the same date as well. I’m really loving this series. I am already thinking about another one.

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