Excerpt: Fix-It Fast: Josie and the Boys

Please Note: The following Excerpt is NSFW or Kids. It contains mature content, raunchy double-penetration sex, and a young girl who loves getting her pussy and ass filled with seed.

Their skin was so tan I wondered if their butts glowed in the dark. The boots they had on were the kind specifically for working outdoors. I wondered if wearing steel-toed work boots helped add muscle to thighs and calves.

One of the boys had military short hair. So short it must have been done recently. I could still tell that his hair was brown, but the sunshine was turning it blonde. The other boy had longer hair, to his shoulders. I wanted to slide my hand through the loose curls and pull. I bit my lip and wiggled in my seat. My pussy was drenched just thinking about what I was going to be doing with these hot young studs in a few moments.

As soon as the door closed behind them, I started stripping. My sparkly printed t-shirt landed on a fake tree and my short denim skirt hit the TV. I hadn’t been wearing panties because they make me want to scream. The neon pink lacy bra I tossed landed on the chair. I didn’t bother taking off my high heels. Not yet, anyway.

Once that was done, I kneeled down on the thick cream-colored carpet. The boys stood there and stared their mouths open in shock. I had started pinching my nipples and squeezing my boobs. I ran my hands from my neck slowly down my flat stomach to the matching blonde curls between my legs. I wasn’t the type of girl to play games. If I wanted a cock inside me, then I would get a cock inside me. Two cocks at once were a rare treat. It would feel like Christmas if it weren’t hotter than hell outside.

I spread my knees farther apart. While the boys stood there, I slid my fingers into my slippery pussy. I ran my wet fingertips around the outside lips and teased my clit. These two, hard-bodied young men were watching me. They wanted me. I could see their dicks tenting their loose jeans. Both boys were breathing hard and sweat had again broken out on their tanned skin.

The one on the left cleared his throat and he ran a hand through his dark, curly hair. As he did, I noticed that there were streaks of golden blonde in it from the sun. But I didn’t care about that. I wanted to see their hard cocks standing at attention. Without pants to hide them. I wanted to feel their balls slapping my skin.

I smiled and spoke in my sweetest phone voice. “Get the fuck undressed or get the fuck out.” Winking at them, I continued playing with myself. As I pinched my nipple hard, I rubbed my clit fast. As the boys undressed, finally getting naked, I soaked my hand with a quick climax. I was so glad I’d soaked myself even more. We wouldn’t need any lube.

“God, Josie. Your body is fucking hot.” I smiled at him coyly and reached out to wrap my damp hand around his cock. I didn’t bother speaking. I wanted his thick, hard length down my throat.

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