Excerpt: Fix-It Fast: Hailey and Her Dirty Secret

Please Note: The following Excerpt is NSFW or Kids. It contains mature content, a slathering of honey and a little step-love.

I played like shit. I teased Alex earlier and then played worse than he did. Sighing, I paid up and walked out to the truck. The thoughts of Alex and wondering what he looked like naked, what his cock would feel like buried inside my cunt, had driven me to drink more. Once again, I was trashed.


“Yeah?” It was late and I didn’t want to drive all the way home. His apartment was only a few blocks away.

“Can I stay with you?” I couldn’t believe what I was going to try to do. I was going to seduce my step-brother into fucking my brains out. For some reason, I was shaking. What if he rejected me? What if he never looked at me again the way he had when he’d rescued me? I looked over at him, the lights of the parking lot not quite hitting his eyes right. They looked black in the yellow glow.

“Yeah.” His voice had deepened. When I looked at him, he held himself so tight and rigid. The drive only lasted a few moments. There was no way for me to back out now I had a feeling he knew what I wanted. I wondered if he would fight with himself or if he would take me with the wild abandon I’d heard he was capable of from the girls he’d not-quite dated in high school. I truly wanted the wild abandon.

I closed the door to the apartment behind me. It was lit dimly with a lamp in the corner, which is all I had time to notice because Alex was right there on me, his hands in my hair. As he plunged his tongue between my lips, I sucked on his tongue as if it were his cock. We started stripping off our clothes. There was no speaking, just touching, licking, and deep kissing. I ran my fingertips over his abs, raking my nails down the hard-muscled flesh.

As Alex kissed me, his hands dropped to explore my body. He cupped my breasts in his hands and squeezed them lightly, running his thumbs over the nipples. I moaned into his mouth and kissed him hard. A long, thick cock bumped against me. I reached down and stroked it gently at first, then a little rougher the longer I did it.

Alex’s mouth moved to my neck and I leaned my head back to let him kiss and nibble there. His rough fingers glided down my soft skin, touching me with such tenderness. Grabbing my ass with both hands, he squeezed and kneaded the thick flesh, pulling me tighter to him. I moaned against his chest and gripped his cock harder in my hot little hand.

I wasn’t prepared for him to push me away. He turned, hand scrubbing his face. “What are we doing, Hailey?” My breath came out fast and hard. I had gotten his shirt off and I swear the demon’s eyes glowed from his tattoo, staring at me with accusations.

“I….” There were no words for what we were doing. Was it wrong? Maybe. We may have been raised together, but we weren’t blood. Instead of trying to make an explanation, I finished stripping off my clothing. Alex turned to look at me just as I had dropped my panties.

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  1. Seriously, seriously hot erotic romance. I’ll be reviewing this in the next few days 🙂

    I’m on for girls at the moment, and Hailey definitely does it for me. I want to dip my fingers in her honey pot – deliberate (and delicious) double-entendre!

    1. I cannot wait to read your reviews. It means a lot to me that you’re reviewing them. Thanks again!

      1. It really is my pleasure 😉

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