Excerpt: Fix-It Fast 10 – Brooklyn and The Rebel

Okay, so the Fix-It Fast Bundle is now LIVE and, just to give Kindle Unlimited one more chance, I’ve included it. Hopefully, you’ll all be kind and not read in PageFlip. Please enjoy this Excerpt from Brooklyn and The Rebel!

Dust filled the air and covered me. I grabbed a clean handkerchief from my zipped pocket to wipe my face as I looked for a chance to go upstairs. Sounds of a window breaking amped up my heart rate. No time, I ran up the stairs but I knew it was too late. I couldn’t get any air, breathing too deeply would be a bad idea. At least I could see thanks to the safety glasses. I could hear the guy yelling downstairs and something hitting the wall; I presumed the gorilla‚Äôs backup kicked in the back door.

I got to the top of the stairs, only to have my ankle grabbed. I kicked out with my other foot, aiming for the asshole’s head, but missing. I kicked again when he started pulling and kicked his wrist. He wrenched it back and shook it. Steel-toed boots were a must in the construction world. I could hear him growling and snarling at me as I turned to run. A stupid move in a ramshackle abandoned house. I tripped over something and slid, my clothes and some skin catching on splinters and nails in the floorboards.

“Now you and me are gonna have a fun time, missy,” The gorilla man said to me. He started for me and went to grab me. A loud thunk sounded and his eyes rolled back into his head. Falling to his knees, I scrambled out of the way, just before he face-planted in my lap. I looked up to find the woman that had been on the back porch earlier.

“I already took care of the other one. Look, we need to get you out of here. I work undercover with Drake and I just blew mine to save your ass.” She was not happy and holding a nice chunk of wood. I decided listening to her would the better option and stood.

“Thank you, I’m Brooklyn,” I held out my hand and she stared at me, turned on her heel and headed for the stairs, taking them quicker than was safe. I headed to follow, glancing back at the guy who had some nasty plans for me. I really needed a drink. And probably a bath in hydrogen peroxide. Along with some kind of pain reliever for my hip.

I limped my way outside and unlocked the truck. The woman hopped in the passenger side at the same time I hopped in. I fired up the engine and backed up, knocking over the bike parked too close to the giant vehicle.

“I’d feel bad about that if he hadn’t just tried to hurt me,” I muttered. I wanted to roll the damn thing over repeatedly, but knowing I didn’t have that kind of time and knowing it would cause damage to a work vehicle, I shifted into drive and floored it down the bumpy gravel driveway. We weren’t too far from town, but I grabbed my phone and called Uncle Hank.

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