Excerpt: Caught Supervisor

*** Please note: This excerpt is NSFW and NSFChildren. If you are 18+, please feel free to continue. ***

Dylan groaned as he heard the stupid webinar start up. It was really freaking loud today. During the month, each department took turns using the webinars to learn new things about programs or ways to improve performance. There were even ones to help you get along with your coworkers. He hated having to go into one of those. Usually it ended up that two people who had been dating now hated each other and couldn’t work together.

The volume wasn’t getting any lower, it sounded like someone turned it up a notch. Dylan decided the best decision would be to grab his laptop and go to lunch, but when he saw the time, he realized it was only eleven.

“What the fuck?” Reaching for the mouse he woke up his computer, then shook his head. Someone must have been out for this one. The webinar they were playing ended up being the same one from last week, about project planning and utilizing your time effectively.

Groaning quietly to himself, Dylan stood and decided to take a leak. Benefits about taking an early lunch ran through his head. Exiting his office, he swung a left to go down the hall. As he relieved himself, Dylan thought several things he hated about his office location. The main conference room being right below him without soundproofing was horrible. Throughout the day, depending on the season, the temperature fluctuated from freezing to roasting. He had no control over the heat or air and that drove him a bit crazy.

Washing his hands made him see his wedding ring. His wife had left him almost a year ago but he hadn’t taken it off yet. He also hadn’t told anyone except the people who needed to know. In a way, Dylan was still shell-shocked about the end of his marriage. He thought they were happy, but according to his ex, he was the worst thing to happen to her.

When Dylan tossed his paper towel into the trash, he thought he heard something like a moan. Shaking his head, he played it off as his imagination, until he heard it again. The acoustics in the building were weird. With the conference room not being soundproof, he could hear every single meeting that went on. However, there were certain things you could hear from other rooms. The ventilation system tossed sound from places you wouldn’t expect. He could swear he heard someone moaning and the only place it could be coming from was the conference room.

Dylan headed back to his office. After waking the machine up again and signing back in, he immediately went to the security camera console. After some searching, he found the feed to the security cameras. Someone had named their printers, camera feeds, and other networked items after cartoon characters or places from cartoons. It took him a few moments of opening and closing camera feeds to locate the correct one. When he loaded the proper camera feed, he clicked the full-size button. What he saw caused his mind to go blank.

It wasn’t his imagination playing tricks on him, there were people having sex in the conference room. He played around with the lighting controls on the camera settings and was able to identify Chloe. She was on her back on the conference room table with her legs spread wide. Dylan couldn’t tell who had his face buried between those very nice legs but his cock was suddenly trying to burst through his pants.

It never occurred to him that there might be a reason Chloe had started wearing skirts more often to work, but now that he thought about it, the change was recent. The last he knew she was in a relationship and this made him wonder if they had broken up. Sure that there was a policy about inter-office relationships; Dylan knew he had to do something.

Before he realized it, Dylan was adjusting himself and leaving his office to head down to the conference room. He didn’t know what he was going to do when he got there, but he couldn’t sit there when someone was violating policy. Or perhaps he just couldn’t sit in there knowing someone was fucking right beneath his office when he was divorced and his sex life had been lacking since.

No one used the back stairs so he decided to go that route. There also wasn’t a camera there. No one would even realize he was downstairs. Pausing at the door, he psyched himself up for what he was doing. People were breaking rules and he was going to set them straight.

Entering the door with as little noise possible was simple. The volume of the webinar was ridiculously loud. The voice of the woman droned on. Her bland tone must be keeping everyone away from the room. Stepping to the side, he closed the door as quietly as possible. Pressing the button, he locked the door.

When he raised his eyes to look at the scene before him, his brain wouldn’t process it at first. The way the light hit their bodies from the projection of the webinar was enthralling. Dylan felt his heart racing and absently rubbed his chest. Sliding his hand across his chest turned into circling his left nipple with his fingertips. Before he realized it, he had opened his pants and was stroking his hard cock.

As he watched Blake pleasuring Chloe, he fantasized that she was sucking him off. The images running through his head caused his cock to throb and it was almost painful. He kept stroking himself.

Chloe raised her hands to play with her nipples. Seeing the glint of metal, it clicked in his mind that she had her nipples pierced, and he was surprised he didn’t lose his load all over the floor. Dylan blinked when he realized Blake was watching him as he watched them.

Blake’s tongue continued swirling around Chloe’s clit. Dylan felt that he was giving him a performance. His goal ruined, he faltered for a moment as his mind stuttered to a halt. Holding his cock in one hand and fingering the metal of his wedding ring, Dylan wondered if they would invite him to play.

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