Excerpt: Bad Supervisor


Please note: This excerpt is NSFW and NSFChildren. If you are 18+, please feel free to continue.


Blake took his time thinking and wondered if she really would cross the line. While they had made comments to each other to make the day fun and move a little faster, she did have a boyfriend. That boyfriend had been repeatedly cancelling on one of the hottest women he knew. Many of the fantasies that she starred in were in this very office. He didn’t want to pass up a chance to make those fantasies into a reality.

Deciding to move forward, Blake turned his face and slid her finger in between his lips, sucking on it lightly. He looked up at her and watched as the thoughts flew across her face, perhaps every one of them being protests. It looked like moving forward was a good choice and he slid his lips further down her finger to tease her.

The little gasp that escaped her lips, and the way they formed a little ‘o’ of surprise, excited Blake even more. He could feel the head of his erection pressing against his pants and couldn’t help but reach down to adjust himself. Sliding his lips off her finger, he tongue-kissed the palm of her hand. A moment later, he was gliding the tip of his tongue along her wrist.

Indulging himself, Blake blew lightly over the area he had just run his tongue over. The shivers that ran through her were quite apparent to him the way he held her arm in his hands. Her skin was silky soft and he wanted to run his tongue over other places. The throbbing in his pants was beginning to become a problem and the solution was sinking it into her.

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