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Just because you finish a series, doesn’t always mean the series is over. Sometimes there’s always more to a story.

And that’s what has happened. The Supervisor Sexcapades Saga had another line running through it about the club owned by Breanna and financially supported by Quinn. Possession is a BDSM-Lifestyle club that offers more than just a place to tie someone up and spank them. It offers an introduction to the lifestyle as well. Training and a safe haven for those into kinky fun.

Possession will be an exclusive for Radish Fiction as an ongoing serial that follows Kendrick. A college athlete, injured and operated on. He’s lost his athletic scholarship and is unable to do his part-time construction job. Looking through the classifieds, he finds an ad for a bartender paying twice what he’s currently making. It would help him stay in college, so he takes a chance and applies.

Todd, a buddy of his, tells him that Possession is a sex club. When Kendrick doesn’t believe him, he shows a little video someone else sent to him. It still doesn’t give any indication, other than a woman being spanked, what he’s getting himself into. Kendrick goes forth anyway, and accepts the position.

And, even though I wrote the Supervisor Sexcapades Saga in third person, Possession will be written in first. You’ll have a front row seat to experience what each character is feeling and enjoying. Breanna, Maryann, and other familiar faces will make appearances along with new faces and fetishes. If you’re looking for a new adventure in BDSM, then Possession just might have what you’re looking for.

You can download the Radish Fiction app free from Google Play or the App Store for your phone or tablet. If you want to read the stories I have up – some from here on the blog, others that have already been published elsewhere, please do! You can find me by searching for MischaEliot – no spaces.

Possession is now available on Radish! New Episode Every Thursday


  1. I didn’t know you were on Raddish. What’s your username there?

    1. My username is MischaEliot – no spaces. 🙂

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