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What’s been happening offline.

(Or, excuses for having two Masturbation Monday posts in a row.) 

Yes, I still feel quite bad about having two Masturbation Monday stories in a row. I feel lazy that I haven’t written anything else for the blog, but I promise there was writing! I finished a short story and submitted it to the call for Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 3. I know they get a ton of submissions and have to narrow it down, but I’m truly hoping to be included. Wish me luck!

I also plan to write something for the Big Book of Submission, Volume 2 and that deadline is literally around the corner. While many of the things I write here at the blog are short for Masturbation Monday and Sizzling Nibbles, it’s become increasingly difficult to write short. Which is not a bad thing because the goal for me is to transition into erotic romance. However for the BBoS, the story has to be 1200 words or less. How to choose the words?

In other news, I’ve finished 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls and finished season 1 of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. I thoroughly enjoyed A Year in the Life. I enjoy the fact that things in Stars Hollow haven’t changed, at least not too much. Things are still crazy and dramatic with goofy characters. I still wonder if Kirk ever moved out… I don’t remember it being mentioned.

Watching television is fundamental to writing. The same thing with watching movies and reading books that are both in and outside of the genre in which you write. You can learn how to write fast-paced, drama-filled, over-the-top emotional dialogue from watching Gilmore Girls. Although, it seems they’ve slowed down a bit for the new show. The only one truly speaking just as fast and just as judgmental is Paris Gellar. She hasn’t slowed down one bit. It makes me wonder what she truly thinks of Rory since they were so competitive through high school and college.

Sorry, I don’t want to give too much away if you plan to watch and haven’t or are still watching the old GG before the new GG. Back to the news.

I still have Flashed on Friday from the 7 days of sin series to work on. However, it’ll be on hold until I finish my submission for BBoS for obvious imminent deadline reasons. Thanksgiving was good. I don’t celebrate, I don’t host, I don’t go anywhere. I stay at home making it one less person out there on the roads. I prefer being at home watching tv, movies, reading, or writing (usually all four). Holidays for me lately are quiet time. No drama, no crazy, no crying children, no yelling adults, no one drinking too much to deal with the people around them.

Now, you’re tilting your head wondering ‘WTF is up with her? Holidays and family drama are perfect for writing fodder!’ 

True, they can be. I just prefer staying away from it. I overhear all kinds of drama at work and can utilize tidbits from that in my writing if I need to amp up the tension. I just dislike drama. On top of that, I’ve been accused of causing drama, which is interesting being as I tend to keep my mouth shut. Not entirely sure how silence and a raised eyebrow causes drama, but there you have it. (My raised eyebrow must have a mouth all its own that screams out drama-laden obscenities and sarcasm.)

Christmas and New Year’s will also be spent mostly alone. I’ll open presents and have breakfast with my daughter and her boyfriend, and then they’ll go spend time with his family or doing other things. It’s a nice routine. I enjoy a good start to the morning and then having the rest of the holiday to concentrate on other things.

I’ve also updated the Fix-It Fast Series book page in case you haven’t seen that yet.

Have you ever used family drama in your own writing? If your family knows you write and your pen name, did you get caught using family drama as fodder? If so, did it cause tension and more drama in your personal life? Share your thoughts in the comments about using personal experiences (with details and names changed to protect the innocent, of course) in the comments.

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