Category: Wicked Wednesday

Wicked Wednesday is hosted by Marie Rebelle. She provides a written prompt to inspire writers to create a 1200 word short story to share. Join in the fun!

Wicked Wednesday: Shopping

Welcome to another week of Wicked Wednesday! Have you ever had an interesting shopping trip? Well, this woman did. There were just so many kinds of rope. It was overwhelming, all the choices. I wondered what the difference was, so I started playing with them, caressing the samples hanging on the wall. “May I be …

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Wicked Wednesday: Backseat Buddies

Oh welcome to Wicked Wednesday and what a wicked day it is! I seem to be stuck on guys loving guys, which is never a bad thing because, hello, it can be just as hot as girls kissing girls. Enjoy Curtis and Lee as they fight for the right to be on top. The vinyl …

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Wicked Wednesday: Unleashed

Ahh, Wicked Wednesday has such a great prompt today. What will sex be like in the year 2517? Perhaps like in Demolition Man where no one physically touched in fear of disease? Maybe there will be bionic implants involved? Or perhaps something different.    Roger felt every nerve in his body burn and his innards …

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Wicked Wednesday: Runaway, Bride

Oh boy … Weddings. They are (almost?) (sometimes?) (always?) such a complicated affair, are they not? Please enjoy Wicked Wednesday: Runaway, Bride.   After seeing with my own eyes the truth, I slipped out of the simple gown I had pinched pennies to buy and left it in a pile on the dressing room floor. …

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Wicked Wednesday: Strangers on a Train

Once again I’m diving into Wicked Wednesday! A short, steamy story about Strangers on a Train. I huffed as I sat down in my seat. The week had been wicked and I was finally done with this trip. My boss agreed that I could use the refund from the airline when they booted me off …

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