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Sizzling Nibbles is a place to put short short (500 - 1000 words) stories that happen to slap me in the face. Quickie reads, sometimes steamy, enough to get your juices flowing.

Sizzling Nibbles: Pay Up, Boy

Oh, here we go again, back in that silly park, except this naughty public display takes place way outside the park.  The early morning fog hovered thick around us at the park. The neighborhood cookout would be gearing up this afternoon and there was a lot to do. The fog was actually a pleasant surprise. …

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Sizzling Nibbles: Taken by the Boss’s Husband

This is the end of the Boss Series. I truly hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. I’m almost sure that Jacob has and perhaps we’ll revisit these three again in the future. “What do you think, Jacob? My husband licked you and says you’re all his.” Morgan continued to caress her clit with lazy circles, her …

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Sizzling Nibbles: Given to the Boss’s Husband

This is part three of Sizzling Nibbles: Punished by the Boss. Due to some behind the scenes support, I’ve continued writing this story. I certainly hope that you enjoy how it’s unfolding. “Hey baby, what are you doing here?” Morgan pretended to be all shy and innocent, even though her fingers disappeared into her, then …

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Sizzling Nibbles: Rewarded by the Boss

If you haven’t yet read Punished by the Boss, you might want to do that first, it’s got spanking. If you have, please enjoy part two which surprised me just as much while I was writing it as I’m sure you’ll get when reading it. “Jake, stop by and see Morgan before you leave.” I …

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Sizzling Nibbles: Fit to be Yule-Tied

How will Maxine and Josephine deal with an intruder in their remote cabin? Read on to find out just what kind of punishment they’ll hand down. How will Liam handle these two feisty witches? {You can listen to “Fit to be Yule-Tied” on DirtyBitPodcast!} “Are you sure about this? I think it’s going a bit …

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