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Possibility of Book Reviews

Reviewed: Consensually Speaking with Gio

Okay, first, let me say why I’m writing a review here on the blog. I dislike Apple and I will never ever download iTunes again. The only time I downloaded it was the best reason ever – The Librarians pilot episode had extended scenes and the first one was free. I couldn’t say no.  On …

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Reviewed: Horatio Slice by Oleander Plume

Please know that this is a passionate review for a passionate book. Enjoy! I have so many titles running through my head for this post, but I went with a plain title/author combo because I wanted to share them here in the post. P.S. Reading this might feel as though you’re on a roller coaster after …

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Reviewed: Forever Tattooed by Dr. J

If you haven’t been following me then you’ll have missed the Sharing is Caring Guest Post by Dr. J for her story Topping You in the Women on Top Anthology. And you probably haven’t seen the sizzling story Forever Tattooed, either. You’re definitely missing out! Gabe, who is a hot guy covered in tattoos and owns …

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Reviewed: Space Girls! by Tracey Desanto

Tracey DeSanto writes erotica that’s literally out of this world. If you enjoy quirky science fiction and sex, then pick up a copy of Space Girls! When Worlds Collide. Feelings you’ll end up with reading Space Girls!: Sore muscles from laughing. Raging desires to be abducted by sexy aliens. Thoughts of driving really fast and …

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Reviewed: Pink Posse by Amber Skye

If you enjoy lesbian erotica then you’ll enjoy Pink Posse. It introduces Christine, a hetero happily married woman that moves down South. The adventure begins with meeting three women at the country club. She has no idea what’s in store for her. Christine jumps right in and the naughty starts off with what should’ve been …

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