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Writing Prompts I completed.

What would you tell your younger self?

Writer’s Digest has a weekly writer prompt and I thought I would participate. What I Would Tell My Younger Self: You’ve been given one-time access to a time machine to visit your younger self. After a brief pause, you know the when and the where, hop in the machine and take off. When there, you …

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Challenge: Eating Out by Nicci Haydon

If you don’t know who Nicci Haydon is, you’re missing out. Friday she posted a Haiku challenge. You can find it here: Eating Out. This is my entry: aroma of sex cold marble against hot skin my fork hits the floor Now, go share yours at her blog and have a Smutty day.

Writing Prompts: The Life Blood of Wordsmiths

Having trouble figuring out what type of tree to chase your character up? Or perhaps you wrote your character into a corner and in order to get them out of it you have to muck up your pretty sweet prose? Writing can be a gift, curse, or somewhere in between the two. Being someone who …

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