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Here you'll find Excerpts of the published stories. Usually 500 - 1000 words of the story will be shared, along with a warning (if needed) and links to where you can purchase a full copy.

Masturbation Monday: Possession – Episode One

Good evening, folks. I am (kind of) cheating this week. I am so far behind in my writing, it’s ridiculous. And I’m hungry. A starving artist is just that – hungry for actual food. “Kendrick, this is Maryann over at Possession. We’d like to discuss your starting date and a time to fill out employee …

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Excerpt: Knead

Well hello there! This is a story near and dear to my heart. I actually chatted with someone who regularly makes homemade pizza – so yeah, actual research – for this story. It was originally shorter for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Between the Sheets class. I hope you enjoy the longer, naughtier version. Zane turned around, …

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Featured From Elsewhere: Love Slave on FrolicMe

Do you like Erotic Films? If you do, and you have a difficult time finding something that trips your trigger, you might want to try out Frolic Me. The website is run by people who love sex and love tasteful erotic films. You can tell the people in the films are happy to be there, …

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Masturbation Monday: Fucked by the Fire Excerpt

The featured inspirational gif that Kayla shared is quite tempting and naughty. Jealousy and arousal both culminate from such an expressive, torturous, tantalizing gif. I wanted to share an excerpt that’s a little bit longer from the new bundle coming out and the cover that will grace it. I’m hoping it have it out by …

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Excerpt: Fix-It Fast 10 – Brooklyn and The Rebel

Okay, so the Fix-It Fast Bundle is now LIVE and, just to give Kindle Unlimited one more chance, I’ve included it. Hopefully, you’ll all be kind and not read in PageFlip. Please enjoy this Excerpt from Brooklyn and The Rebel! Dust filled the air and covered me. I grabbed a clean handkerchief from my zipped …

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