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Check out the new Supervisor Sexcapades Saga plus BONUS Content – Supervisor’s Submissive featuring Landon and Maryann. You haven’t really met the supposedly shy and very submissive Maryann, but she will be featured in Blackmailed Supervisor – coming soon!

Supervisor’s Submissive happens right after Chloe abandoned Landon in Caught Supervisor. He’s angry, frustrated, and in need to sate the lust she’s aroused in him. Instead of going out to find some strange, which may take longer than he cares for, he looks over the contacts in his phone. Maryann, a submissive at the club posession and now a temp working for Quinn at the office, Landon can’t resist. He knows enough about her to realize she is tormented and teased at the club often. Hoping that she’ll be interested, he takes a chance and calls her to see if she’ll come over.

When Landon’s smoking hot smile lights up Maryann’s phone while it buzzes on the counter she felt flutters deep down. Figuring it was related to office work, she answers the phone tentatively. To her surprise, Landon asks her to come over and his voice sounds full of sexual need and tension. Unable to stop the rumors about him being Breanna’s boytoy running through her mind, she does something unthinkable: she agrees.

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BadSupervisor8x5-PromoChloe’s tired of her boyfriend cancelling on her. After repeatedly being cancelled on, Chloe wonders if he’s cheating on her. With that in mind, her fantasies turn to her supervisor, Blake. He’s hot and delicious in such a naughty way. They constantly toe the line at work with flirty banter.
Blake’s consistent, dirty comments make her wonder if he’d ever take the chance on getting in her panties. Finally tired of being cancelled on by her boyfriend, Chloe takes matters into her own hands, with a little toy she keeps hidden in her desk. Thoughts of being spread out on Blake’s desk fill her mind and make her hot.
When Blake stops by her office to ask her to stop in before leaving, she’s dressed to the nines for a Friday night date that’s been cancelled, again. Blake tries to hide his obvious attraction to Chloe, but as she sits down in his office, he can’t seem to stop the thoughts of having her bent over his desk.
Chloe loves her job and wouldn’t do anything to endanger it, or would she?

You can read an Excerpt of Bad Supervisor by clicking here: Excerpt: Bad Supervisor

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 (Consensual Sex, M/F, Office, Coworkers)
LuckySupervisor8x5-PromoBreanna is absolutely sure that there is something going on between Blake and Chloe. She just hasn’t had the good luck to catch them in the act yet. Jeopardizing some of her own projects, she continually, and randomly, knocks on Blake’s door. She knows that she will find out what’s going on if she just keeps trying.
Chloe is starting to fear for her job, but she can’t seem to keep herself from lifting her skirt whenever Blake has her alone for more than two minutes. She’s even gone so far as to hide under his desk and tease him with his boss standing right there in the doorway. So much is going on outside work that she just doesn’t want to think about it and allowing Blake to take her removes all those nasty thoughts.
Blake is sure they are going to be caught at any time. Breanna keeps barging in everywhere. He thinks she has even sent her assistant, Landon, to spy on them when she’s in meetings. Regardless, he can’t seem to stop himself from plunging head first into Chloe as often as she’ll let him. You can read an Excerpt for Lucky Supervisor!

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(Consensual Sex, M/F, F/F/M, Office, Coworkers)



Meet Dylan. Still burned by a bad divorce, it’s been quite a while since he’s been pleasured by anyone other than his own hand. Accidentally finding Chloe spread out on the conference room table with someone’s head between her curvy thighs, he heads down there to find out what’s happening. And to make them stop. Instead, he ends up having a mind-blowing experience.

Breanna is ambushed by the president of the company, Quinn. He invites her to lunch, which she can’t refuse. After a pleasant meal, he lures her into a back room at the restaurant and begs her to do something that’s against her better judgement.

Landon decides to take matters into his own hand and confronts Blake about screwing Chloe at work. Giving him an ultimatum, Landon simply waits for an answer and everything he’s been fantasizing about. You can read an Excerpt for Caught Supervisor here!

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(Consensual Sex, M/F, M/F/M, M/M, BDSM, Office, Coworkers)

Supervisor’s Submissive: Chloe left Landon aching and horny. It was too late to go out to find someone to help him alleviate the need and tension built up by her teasing. Landon knew that his hand wouldn’t be anywhere near enough to satisfy him and Breanna had been out of town. For a guy who rarely slept with anyone but his boss, he was in desperate need for some serious pounding.

Scrolling through his phone, hoping to find someone that might be interested in coming over to assist with his satisfaction, Landon saw Maryann’s smiling face. He couldn’t help himself and hit the call button.

What happens next is a tantalizing tale of two bodies in search for ultimate satisfaction with a little spanking, a bit of torment, and a whole lot of submission. You can read an excerpt from this story here: Between the Stories.

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(Consensual, M/F, Bondage, Spanking)