Fix-It Fast Series

Ms. Fix-It: Madison and Her First Time

Since her oldest brother’s best friend rescued her from mean girls at the local coffee shop when she was a gawky-geeky teen, Madison’s been madly in love with him. She would masturbate thinking about having him be the one to pop her cherry. After so many years of fantasizing and never finding a boy her own age that made her feel the way Caleb did, Madison gave up and lived in her fantasies. She never thought they’d come true.

When Caleb opens the door to the house she shows up at for her first unsupervised job, Madison creams her panties. He’s even hotter than she remembered and it takes all of her self-control not to stare like an idiot. The last thing she expected was that he’d have the hots for her, too!

This short 3000-word raunchy story contains outdoor cherry-popping sex between consenting adults! You can purchase at Amazon and Smashwords. Check out this Excerpt to Try before you Buy.

Ms. Fix-It: Josie and the Boys

Josie can’t get enough of the young, hot boys that come work for her family’s business during the busy season. She answers the phones and hands off the assignments for the smaller jobs. Bored to tears, she looks for any exciting boys that can give her a fun time.

Her step-daddy calls her boy crazy but he truly has no idea. She may not be the smartest girl in town, but she sure does know how to give a good ride.

No names are needed, just their muscular bodies to satisfy her carnal needs. Follow Josie as she tempts two hot temporary employees home on a hot day for a pleasurable lunch break. Enjoy her giving orders and taking everything they offer.

This short 3000-word raunchy story contains deep double-penetration action between consenting adults. Exclusive on Amazon and Smashwords. Check out this Excerpt to Try before you Buy!

Ms. Fix-It: Hailey and Her Dirty Secret

Hailey has a dirty, taboo secret. She’s been having hot, sexual dreams about her step-brother Alex. He’s a bad boy with a prison record he didn’t deserve. After a night of getting trashed at the local bar, Alex came to Hailey’s rescue. He took her back to his place and held her hair. He tucked her into bed and tried to walk away. He wanted to be a gentleman, until she begged him to hold her.

Waking up in the night with Alex’s name on her lips, drenched thighs, and a pounding heart, what’s a girl to do? Hailey drinks some liquid courage while shooting pool with her step-brother and then asks to go home with him. Crossing the taboo line is one you can never go back from. How will Alex react when she tempts him with a jar of honey?

This 3000-word short story is about a sweet, step-sibling romance that will make you want to dip your fingers into some sweet honey. It’s too hot for Amazon and is only available at Smashwords. Check out this Excerpt to see if this story is the one for you!

Ms. Fix-It: Danielle and the Jock

My family owns a fix-it business. Not just any fix-it business. We have master plumbers, electrical gurus, construction geniuses, and more. I’ve been working the family property since I was little. Mostly my family job was kid-wrangling during the summer. We all took turns teaching the kids how to do things on the property depending on their ages. I also worked at the Broken Spoke slinging drinks and flirting for tips. I preferred having my hands in the dirt surrounded by giggles and sunshine but it doesn’t pay the bills.

Danielle has had her eyes set for one man: Rhys. She felt invisible to him through their teen years thanks to all the cheerleaders that attracted his attention. Being the Quarterback that took the team to State tended to get you a lot. When he came home from college and started working for the family business, Danielle wondered if she’d have another chance at catching his eye. Rhys saves her from the town drunk and holds her close as he walks her home. Once they get there, things heat up between them in a way she’d always fantasized about.

This 3000-word short story is about a sweet romance that will make you want to grab your man by the hair and shove his face between your thighs. Find it on Amazon or Smashwords!

Ms. Fix-It: Trish and Her Fairytale Night

Trish’s boundaries are pushed when she meets someone so beautiful, so enticing that she can’t stop fantasizing about having her hands, and mouth, on their body. She wants to feel their skin against her body, taste their essence on her tongue. She’s played to tease during drinking games in college before, but she’s never even looked at another woman the way she was looking at her. Men made her melt inside, but this woman? She made her sizzle.

Enjoy a hot, quick read of the 5th installment of the Fix-It Fast Series! It’s a 3000 word short story to help get you hot and bothered and ready for a naughty time. You can enjoy this story to get yourself ready for a partner, with your partner, or even one-handed.

You can get this story on Amazon or Smashwords. Try before you Buy with this Excerpt! If you enjoy the story, please be kind enough to leave a review.

Ms. Fix-It: Shawna and the Outcast Millionaire

Shawna met David in college and they fell pretty hard for each other. They spent all their free time together and planned to move things to the next level, or so Shawna thought. After meeting David’s family and being told a horrible truth by his sister Stacia, she walked away from him what she thought would be forever.

Until he shows up one day on her first job as crew supervisor. What the hell was she supposed to do with him around? Last she knew he was engaged to a woman that matched the requirements by his family. Seeing the photo in the paper with the announcement had shattered the heart she thought fully healed.

This super short read is full of hot, sweet second chance romance and a naughty night of fun! You can get this story on Amazon! Try before you Buy with this Excerpt.

Peyton and Her Double Dessert

When I met Beau things were pretty good but we both felt like there was something missing. Simone came along and since then, everything in our lives runs like clockwork. The three of us worked so well together it was like a complicated dance made simple.

The family, though… Well they thought we were just roommates. Even though we’d bought a house together and didn’t see other people outside ourselves very often. If we were going to family events or out with friends, we’d find a fourth to make things look as if we were ‘normal’. While our family was all good with raising a pride flag for our own, it might be pushing boundaries a bit far if they found out I was poly.

This story contains m/f consensual sex between adults. You can get this story on Amazon! Try before you Buy with this Excerpt. If you enjoy the story, please be kind enough to leave a review.

Ria and Her Accidental Vow

As Ria toured Vegas with her cousin for two glorious weeks, part of it while working a trade show, she met the man of her dreams. Lucien was tall, dark, and handsome with a little it of a reckless streak. He’d fallen in with some bad people and did some bad things as a result of it. In order to keep her silent, he did another bad thing.

Ria ran back home, freaked out and unsure of what to do with her latest screw-up. The family teased her relentlessly as it was about all the little things, especially shredding original documents, that there was no way she could come clean. Fiona was the only one who knew and never let her forget it.

One storm-filled night, Lucien shows up pounding on her door, soaked to the bone. Strings tugged on her heart when she saw him and let him in her little apartment.

This story contains m/f consensual sex between adults. You can get this story on Amazon! Try before you Buy with this Excerpt. If you enjoy the story, please be kind enough to leave a review.

Fiona and Her Knotty Life

Fiona has a naughty secret. She wants to be tied up and taken by a man with expertise. It took a long time to find the right guy. She enjoyed being held down and fucked rough, but it wasn’t enough. She needed more. After searching online, she finally found Micah. He didn’t want just another rope bunny, though. He was looking for something more. Someone to share and spend his life with. After dating and getting to know each other, they finally step across the line into bondage play.

Their privacy is compromised and a photo leaked from an underground club puts Fiona at risk. What will she do? She can’t have people, her family or the company clients, find out she likes to be bound and taken. Micah is willing to do what it takes to make his new rope bunny his for life, but what will that mean?

This story contains bondage and rough sex between two consenting adults. You can get this story on Amazon.Try before you buy with this Excerpt! If you enjoy this story, please be kind enough to leave a review.

Fix-It Fast: The Bundle

The bundle contains all stories except Hailey and Her Dirty Secret. There’s also a BONUS story!

Brooklyn and the Rebel

Brooklyn and Drake have a volatile relationship but are very much in love. He’s always risking his life taking down real bad guys by pretending to be a bad guy. Brooklyn gets in the crossfire and Drake is nowhere to be found. Luckily, his partner comes to her rescue before anything truly horrific can happen to her.

Reunited a little later, Drake takes Brooklyn home to take care of her cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Drake isn’t in much of a talking mood, too much in his head and heart regarding the things his job requires of him bleeding into his personal life and endangering his love. How will Brooklyn and Drake come together?

You can find the Fix-It Fast Bundle on Amazon. You can also read an Excerpt to Try before you Buy.