7 Days of Sin

7 Days of Sin Series

Mistaken Monday

MistakenMonday-PromoShane comes home thinking he’s all alone. His brother and sister-in-law should be home any time, but when he realizes that he isn’t as alone as he thought, he can’t believe his eyes. He stands outside the door to his brother’s bedroom, lust rolling through his body, as he watches his sister-in-law teased and fucked by another woman. Shane can’t help himself and starts imagining all kinds of naughty things with the two women.

When he’s caught and forced into the bedroom with them, how will he react? What will he do when he’s forced to his knees and more?

There’s an exciting tale of a young man, who has had his identity mistaken, that gets forced to do things outside his comfort zone. He gives in and enjoys all the wonderful things done to him by two beautiful women. One, that he normally can’t stand being around and the other a whole new exciting person he’s never met before. How will Shane react when he realizes they think he’s his brother?

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Tied-Up Tuesday

TiedUpTuesday-v1c-8x5-PromoA young college student opens her mouth and a dare, backed up by money on the table, pushes her to follow through.
The dare? Get Professor Chase’s underwear.
The bet? She can’t do it because he’s either gay or in a secret relationship.
However, this girl knows her stuff and a few secrets about the Professor that gives her an edge to get what she needs and what she wants.

Professor Chase has no idea what’s about to happen to him when a student spreads her thighs at the front of his lecture hall showing him a secret tattoo, a twin to his. When she pushes him to a line he shouldn’t cross, his deep dark need takes a hold of him and he gives her everything she wants and a lot more than she bargained for.

Enjoy this short hot taboo read between a college professor and his student. Will she win the bet or will she crumble under pressure and say her safe word?

If you enjoy taboo stories, spanking, and hard, fast sex, then you’ll enjoy Tied-Up Tuesday – a 7 days of sin short story. Please remember to leave a review and have a wonderfully Smutty day!

Tied-Up Tuesday is available on Amazon!

(Consensual, Professor/Student Taboo, Bondage, Spanking, Rough Sex)

Steamy Saturday Night

SteamySaturdayNight-16x24-FlatEmma’s walking alone at night on the beach, her last night in paradise, after a harrowing week at a work convention. The party she’s walking from was broken up by the cops and now she’s not quite sure what to do next and going back to the hotel alone would be boring. Nothing of true delight has happened until she wishes on a shooting star. Her wish goes a little haywire. In the process, she meets Raul, who literally sweeps her off her feet! Join Emma in her pursuit of creating a passionate memory with Raul to keep her warm on lonely nights after she returns home.

This quick steamy read of 7800 words will get you hot and bothered and begging for more. The first short story in the 7 Days of Sin series.

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(Consensual, Strangers, One Night Stand, M/F)