7 Days of Sin

7 Days of Sin Series Mistaken Monday Shane comes home thinking he’s all alone. His brother and sister-in-law should be home any time, but when he realizes that he isn’t as alone as he thought, he can’t believe his eyes. He stands outside the door to his brother’s bedroom, lust rolling through his body, as …

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Fix-It Fast Series

Ms. Fix-It: Madison and Her First Time Since her oldest brother’s best friend rescued her from mean girls at the local coffee shop when she was a gawky-geeky teen, Madison’s been madly in love with him. She would masturbate thinking about having him be the one to pop her cherry. After so many years of …

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Supervisor Sexcapades

Supervisor Sexcapades Saga Check out the new Supervisor Sexcapades Saga plus BONUS Content – Supervisor’s Submissive featuring Landon and Maryann. You haven’t really met the supposedly shy and very submissive Maryann, but she will be featured in Blackmailed Supervisor – coming soon! Supervisor’s Submissive happens right after Chloe abandoned Landon in Caught Supervisor. He’s angry, …

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