Between the Stories: Quinn meets Maryann

You haven’t met Maryann yet, so I thought I would just give you a little introduction to her. Enjoy.

betweenthestories_featuredSitting at his desk, Quinn went through his mail. The temp watched him from the other side and he explained to her which mail she was supposed to open and pass along and which mail came directly to him. Keeping his tone soft and warm, skills he learned when charming women, completely failed him. The girl was in tears. Her mascara ran down her face and it wouldn’t be long before her face started puffing up as well.

“Stacey, I’m not trying to be mean or belittle you. You’re new. I’m just trying to help you out.” Grabbing the box of tissues, he handed the entire thing to her and nodded at the door. “It’ll be fine. Go take care of the phones. I have a meeting shortly, so please take messages if they won’t leave a voicemail. No interruptions.”

Through sniffles and tears, Stacey nodded. “Yes, sir. I’m so sorry. Perhaps I’m not cut out for this job. I’ve never done office work before let alone work for a CEO. I’m still not sure what happened. Perhaps there was a mix up at the staffing office.” She took the tissues with a shaking hand and practically ran out of the office back to the reception area.

As soon as her back was turned, Quinn used both hands and grabbed his hair. With a rough tug from each hand, he controlled the urge to scream. Stacey was a great girl, but she had absolutely no experience whatsoever. It was time to find a new temp agency. He wished that he could get Alice back. She’d been trained in the company from the bottom up and he’d inherited her from his father when he retired.

A beep on his phone was followed by sniffling when he pressed the speakerphone button. “Yes, Stacey?” Squeezing the bridge of his nose while he listened to her sniffling didn’t help relieve his irritation.

“Sorry to bother you, but your appointment is here, sir.” The unmistakable sound of someone blowing their nose passed through the speakerphone.

Quinn couldn’t control himself any longer. This was ridiculous. “Stacey. Why don’t you go ahead and take the rest of the day off? It’s almost time for everyone to head home and I think you could use the time to relax.” He hoped she couldn’t hear him grinding his teeth through the phone. “Go ahead and send my visitor in. Thank you.”

“Yes, sir.” The speakerphone beeped off and he punched the desk just as his father entered the office. It was rare for him to show this much emotional upheaval ever, let alone in front of his own father.

“Where the hell is Alice? Please tell me this little girl out there is sucking your cock or something and she’s so damn good that’s why she’s still working here?” He watched as his father walked passed him to look out the windows. It was chilly and overcast so he didn’t bother going out onto the private balcony like he normally would. Instead after a quick look, he headed for the wet bar.

“Alice got married and moved to another state with her husband. I couldn’t offer enough pay or incentives to stay on. Stacey is a temp and for some reason there was a mix up and the service sent me someone with absolutely no experience.” Quinn joined his father over at the bar and poured them both some whiskey. It was mid-afternoon, and regardless, as the saying went, it was 5 o’clock somewhere.

“I miss Alice now that I’ve retired. She was such a good assistant. She could suck my cock under the table during a board meeting with no one the wiser.” His dad slapped him on the shoulder and laughed. Quinn fake-smiled at him and shoved down the bit of distaste he felt in the pit of his stomach. His father never denied cheating on his mother and she had never denied finding satisfaction elsewhere either. They were also very affectionate with each other. It had confused him for a long time until he finally asked his mother about the whole thing entirely.

Quinn’s mother had no qualms about letting him know that they loved each other very deeply and that they had agreed before they got married that they wouldn’t tie each other down. Madeline had explained that sometimes marriage was a business and that’s how they ran their marriage. It was also noted that it was better for them to be open and honest with each other to strengthen their relationship. This way petty jealousy didn’t tear them, and their children, to pieces.

While it had been strange watching his parents screw around on each other, he’d seen how kids at school had their lives ripped to shreds because one parent cheated on the other. Seeing that his parents did love one another helped.


Later than usual, Quinn walked up the stairs to his office. He hadn’t gotten a chance to call the temp agency on Friday and figured he’d have another day of Stacey and more frustrations. It was the last thing he needed on a Monday.

Stepping onto the top floor and turning left, Quinn saw the doors open to his office. Sighing, he took a deep breath and let it out slowly as he took the few steps into his office. Expecting to see Stacey frantically sorting through files, he was taken off guard.

Instead of a petite brunette, he found a pretty blonde sorting mail. After watching her for a few moments and wondering just who she might be, Quinn cleared his throat. The woman didn’t jump, freak out, or scream.

Maryann stood and poured a cup of fresh, steaming coffee into a large mug. Turning, she offered it to Quinn. “Good morning, sir. I’m Maryann. I’ll be doing my best to assist you as you need.” Once he took the cup, she turned back to the piles she had created. “The first pile is for Breanna, the second pile is for you, and I’ll distribute the third stack to the accounting department.”

“Thank you, Maryann.” Quinn sipped the coffee and almost died with happiness. It was a hundred times better than the sludge Stacey had made. He couldn’t help but watch Maryann walk out of his office carrying the paperwork she’d sorted. Taking another sip of the coffee he smiled, “Best Monday ever.”

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