Between the Stories – Quickie Featuring Chloe

Bubble Bath 

Sinking into the steaming hot water covered in a thick froth of bubbles was both relaxing and slightly painful. Chloe waited stiffly as her skin acclimated and the sting of the hot water went away. Her hair was piled on top of her head in a neat bun. Taking a deep breath, Chloe laid her head back on a rolled-up towel, then slowly exhaled.

Scented candles were lit and the bathroom quickly filled with the delicious smells of spearmint and eucalyptus. The only other light came from a triple wall light that had fluted covers. They looked like flowers and took ridiculously expensive bulbs. They were beautiful and a pain to clean properly, but Chloe liked the way they accented the room. Candlelight flickered off the mirror they were placed in front of and the moving light was hypnotic.

Closing her eyes, Chloe allowed the steam, the scented bubbles, and the heat take her away to a more relaxed frame of mind. Things were getting out of hand. Landon, who she thought wouldn’t turn in the security footage, continually threatened the three of them with just that. However, with the amount of time he’d continued to hold onto it, she felt the threat was less and less viable.

Chloe didn’t have anything against Landon. He was a good looking guy and, according to the rumor mill around the office, he was hung. Which was probably the main reason that Breanna had chosen him to be her assistant. 

Instantly regretting the mean thought, she sighed and sunk a little lower into the water. Landon did do amazing work. He kept Breanna from ripping into people more often than anyone realized. More often than not, he was between a rock and a hard place. He would take people aside to let them know to step it up or they were going to be looking for new work, or he’d point them in the right direction if they were a little lost on what was actually required for a project.

Groaning loudly, over-dramatically, at herself, Chloe stopped the crazy train of thoughts barreling through her head about Landon. He’d been making threats for quite a while now. It wasn’t going to stop anytime soon, unless he got what he wanted or went to Quinn. She didn’t want to be the reason two other people lost their jobs.

Chloe stretched out in the tub. She loved the tub. It was the main reason she had chosen the apartment. The complex she lived in consisted of duplexes. Two apartments to a building, two floors each apartment. There’s a main floor and a basement for the one bedroom apartments like the one she rented. They had two bedroom apartments and also townhouses as well. Each building had a carport for vehicles in the back – they charged a little extra to use them but it was worth it. The rent was slightly higher than what she wanted to pay, but she couldn’t pass up the corner tub that beckoned to her as soon as he saw it.

Unwilling thoughts about her ex filled her mind. Chloe sniffled as she remembered how he would run her a hot bath and they’d share it after a long day. They would talk and relax while the heat, steam, and bath oils pushed the stress away. By the time the water cooled, they would both be happy and laughing and looking forward to dinner and a movie on the couch.

Swiping at the tears that slid down her cheeks, Chloe sat up in the tub. Reaching out, she grasped the glass of wine. Taking a sip, she pressed the cool glass against her heated cheeks. Then she took a large gulp. Before she realized it, the glass was drained. Sighing, she put the glass back down and sunk back into the heat of the water as the alcohol slowly infused her body into further relaxation.


Sitting up with a huge splash, Chloe woke up. The water in the tub was cold. She quickly pulled the plug and carefully stood up. Tremors engulfed her skin and she did her best not to give in to the shivering. Failing terribly, her body shook and her teeth almost chattered. The cold water on her skin was intensified by the cooler air. It would only take a minute or two for enough water to drain, so she stood there, shivers racking her body, and waited.

Reaching up, she removed the massaging showerhead from its cradle and turned on the shower. Her free hand held under the spray of the water, she waited for the temperature to heat up. It wasn’t long before she was able to hang it up and wash off the excess oil from the bath.

Chloe wished it had been the cold water that had woken her, but hadn’t been. Instead, a recurring dream had woken her. A dream where she hadn’t pushed Landon away.

A dream where he spread her thighs wide open as she leaned against the back of his couch wearing bright red stilettos and pummeled her with his tongue until she screamed.

A dream that hadn’t ended there. He then slipped off his clothing and stroked his hard length in front of her until she fell to her knees. Dream Landon fucked her mouth until he was so close to exploding that he forced her off.

Once he regained a semblance of control, he forced her to stand and turned her facing the couch. The stilettos made her tall enough to bend over just right. Once he had her positioned properly, he plunged his cock deep into her without hesitation.

The dream had yanked her out of sleep. She was grateful, falling asleep in the bathtub was not a habit she wanted to create. Shutting off the water, she grabbed her thick purple towel and dried off. Stepping onto the thick rug, she saw her phone just as it started buzzing and ringing. Quinn. 



This has been a Supervisor Sexcapades Quickie featuring Chloe. Keep an eye out for short 1,000 words of between the stories of other characters as well.

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