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Technically, this is more of a sneak peek… This scene takes place after Chloe leaves his apartment in Caught Supervisor.

*** Update ***

This story has been included as Bonus Content for the new Supervisor Sexcapades Saga Bundle! You can enjoy all 10,000ish words along with the other three stories. Currently available on Smashwords!


Supervisor’s Submissive

Copyright 2015 – M.J. Spencer – All Rights Reserved

Tossing the paperwork onto the coffee table with a growl, Landon found himself rubbing the spot on his chest where Chloe’s stiletto left a mark. He looked; there was a mark. Rubbing back and forth he wondered if it would leave a bruise. If it did, Breanna might notice it if she wanted to suck on his nipples the next day.

He grabbed the beer that was getting warm and finished it off. Even though he usually got off once or twice a day, three on a really good day, his balls ached. Chloe’s torture a short while ago drove his need to eleven thousand.

Slamming the bottle into the trash loud enough to wake the dead didn’t make him feel any better either. Pulling his hair drove him even more closer to the edge. He needed release and he wanted it to be inside Chloe. Since there was no way in hell she’d be coming back, even if it were to freeze over, he had to find someone else.

Grabbing his phone, he pulled up Groups under his contact list and then looked under the Possession group. Since he worked so closely with Breanna, Landon knew all her dirty little secrets. Well, at least the ones about the club. From time to time he even helped her with paperwork, scheduling, and tracking down missing submissives.

Scrolling through the list, he paused with a smirk on his face. Maryann. Tapping her name brought up a photo of a petite, slim woman. Long blonde locks in a high ponytail, geek glasses tried to hide her sharp cheekbones, and he knew her tits and ass loved to be smacked.

Unable to resist, he tapped the call button. He grabbed another beer from the fridge and popped it open. As he drank, he begged, prayed, pleaded that Maryann would answer the damn phone. She appeared to be a sweet, innocent, shy girl. Landon knew the truth. Maryann was a nympho. She loved getting fucked, the harder the better. She loved sucking cock, the bigger the cock, the harder the challenge, egged her on even more. Landon wondered how she ended up working at possession instead of some porn studio.

“Hello?” Landon’s eyes popped open and he almost choked on a swallow of beer. Clearing his throat, he mentally thanked whatever presence got her to answer the phone.

“Maryann. It’s Landon.” Rolling his eyes since she should know that from the caller id, he couldn’t take back the stupid greeting now.

“Yes, sir. What can I do for you?” Her voice sounded so sweet and innocent, like a pure virgin who’d never be able to say the word sex without her entire body turning red from embarrassment.

“Come over.” There was a long moment where Landon’s chest tightened. Maryann had every right to say no to him. For all he knew, she could be sitting in the dressing room about to start work, or she could be on her way to a private party. She could be at home with some guy right now. As far as Landon knew, she was single, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t picked up a guy before he called.

“Do you have any requests of what you’d like me to wear, sir?” Landon’s cock twitched. He grabbed himself roughly and tried to situate to a more comfortable position, but it wasn’t going to happen.

“Red stilettos. Fishnets. A long jacket. Nothing else. Oh, and Maryann?” He thought this request just might prevent the good little slut from coming over.

“Yes, sir?” In his mind she was sitting at a little white desk, on a little white chair, writing down a list of his requests.

“Wear contacts if you have them.” The pause lasted for three slow heartbeats and Landon thought she might change her mind. His inner voice started begging again and he shut it up. She’d come. And later, so would he.

“Yes, sir. I can do that. I’ll be there in thirty minutes. Will that work for you, sir?” Now Landon knew she was overdoing by calling him ‘sir’. If his balls weren’t Smurf blue by the time she got here, he’d be surprised.

“Yes.” He tapped the end call button on his phone. He finished the second beer and grabbed the first bottle out of the trash. After he rinsed both, he placed them in the recycle bin.

Landon headed towards the living room and started putting all the paperwork away. He’d take a fresh look at it in the morning after he’d fucked and slept thoughts of Chloe away.

Using his music app, he decided on a techno station that sounded like something that would play at the club. He’d never called Maryann before, but he knew that some of the Doms would hook up with some of the Subs when they needed release and weren’t working. There were all kinds of rumors about who was fucking, who was mad at each other for fucking someone they didn’t like, and who might fuck just about anyone.

Looking around, Landon wandered the apartment as he waited, picking up, straightening this, wiping up imaginary dust. A maid came every twice a week to do the things he detested, like dusting and washing walls. He rarely hosted anything, preferring to go out with friends, so his apartment was always clean.

Slipping into the bedroom he grabbed a condom and cleaned off the clothing that he’d draped on the chair in the corner. Just as he was closing the closet door, there was a knock. Security in his building was apparently quite lax. This was the second person to get in without buzzing him in a short period of time.

Glancing out the peephole, he saw Maryann in a long black trench coat. Her hair was up in a high ponytail. When he saw her without her glasses on, he forgot how to breathe. She was breathtakingly gorgeous. Opening the door so she could come in, he stood to the side.

“Thanks for coming.”

Currently the word count on this is up to: 7,126. Yeah.. it was supposed to be short and sweet, but Landon and Maryann decided to take it for the long haul. If you’ve enjoyed this short scene, please take a moment to let me know in the comments. Write your own? Feel free to share a link to your blog.


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