Between the Stories: Featuring Chloe

betweenthestories_featuredWhat kind of thoughts would be running through your head if your job was on the line? After having an impromtu threesome at work, Chloe, Blake, and Dylan are being blackmailed by Landon. He wants to sleep with Chloe, but she hasn’t given in and she’s already taunted him once. Now her mind is playing tricks on her.

Chloe smiled as his long fingers caressed her from shoulder to hip. The feeling that followed his fingers, the chill down her skin, just made the heat from his hands that much hotter. She thought nothing could get her hotter until lips touched the back of her neck. His thumb touched a nerve gently, causing her back to arch.

Unable to touch him, because her hands were tied to the headboard, squirming against him was as good as it got. She could feel the head of his cock bumping against the crack of her ass. She wanted it buried deep between the soaked folds of her pussy. Wriggling against him didn’t seem to matter.

Their heavy breathing was loud in the dark room. As his lips and the stubble on his face grazed against her skin, she couldn’t help but whimper. She clenched her hands into fists. He wasn’t even really doing much other than touching her with his fingertips and lips. It drove her need to ten. Suddenly, something warm and wet slid up her spine. His tongue.

Cold caused her to shiver as he blew lightly on the wet streak he’d left behind. Goosebumps covered her soft skin and she writhed against the bed. Hands pulled at her. She followed and turned over onto her back. Before she could adjust, his mouth covered her breast, sucking the nipple inside. Chloe’s mouth parted as she moaned out the pleasure caused by his flicking tongue.

She yanked at her bound wrists, wanting to grab his hair and pull him tighter. Spreading her legs open, Chloe hoped he would take the hint and enter her. Instead, he continued teasing her nipple with his tongue as his hands held her to his mouth. Getting her nipples pierced had been a dare but she was so glad she went through with it.

Chloe shifted her thighs back and forth against each other. They were coated in sticky warmth. Fingers glided down the front of her body and stopped just short of her naughty button. Teeth grazed her earlobe as he shifted his body. Now his cock pressed between her thighs, but wriggling against it did nothing other than ramp up her desire.

A disappointed moan slipped between Chloe’s lips. For some reason, the ability to speak escaped her. She wanted to beg for more, but felt like it would just make him take longer to get his cock inside her wet pussy. Kisses and nibbles trailed down the front of her body, fingers pressed hard into her soft skin. Arching up to meet his hot mouth was all she could do to spur him on.

Hands grabbed the backs of her knees and shifted her legs far apart. Cool air hit her hot pussy and she shivered in delight. Chloe shifted her hips upward, hoping his hot mouth would warm her back up. Instead, his hardened length slid up along her crack and settled on her belly. Teasing her other nipple with his mouth, she moaned twice as loud the first time, her hips pumped forward and back quickly. The rough skin of his cock rubbed against her clit.

Trying to get even a small climax, Chloe continued to rub herself against his length. She could feel the electric sizzles throughout her body. A small moan of pleasure escaped. So close, if she could just get a little relief it would keep her from begging. Unfortunately, he realized what she was doing.

Shifting again on the bed, his cock fell away. He pressed her knees deeper into the mattress. Teeth grazed her soft skin as he made his way downward. Hope built inside Chloe that he would flick that fantastic tongue fast against her clit. Leaving a trail of wet kisses, he teased.

Chloe moaned again when she felt his hot breath hit her drenched hole. Pressing her lips together kept her from begging again. That’s what he wanted her to do. She refused to beg. His tongue ran along the outside folds. Chloe could hear his breathing kick up a notch. So did hers.

When his tongue dipped into the drenched honey between her pussy lips, she thrust her hips forward. Instead of backing away like earlier, he delved deeper. Swirling his tongue around drove her mad and she could finally feel a culmination to the teasing. As he pulled his face away, his breathing sounded out of control. His mouth was back on her in an instant, this time, on her clit. Flicking back and forth with his tongue, Chloe tried to buck her hips, but he held her down tight against the bed.

Chloe’s heart raced as she reached the point of no return. As he sucked on her clit, she drenched his chin. The long, drawn out moan that left her cut off when she ran out of air. Eyes closed, muscles turned to water, she simply laid there for a few moments. It was at least a minute before she remembered how to breathe. It had been quite a while since she last had such an excellent orgasm.

Before she could remember how to speak, he was crawling up her body, his hard cock pressed against her seeking entrance. Lips brushed against hers, covered in her juices. She kissed him, the taste of herself on his lips turned her desire up a notch. With one hand, he rubbed the head of his cock against her, getting it wet and ready.

He broke the kiss and nuzzled her neck, making his way to her ear to nibble there. “I’m so glad you decided sleeping with me was better than having your sex video aired at the office.” Just as he thrust his cock into her, Chloe burst up when her ridiculously loud alarm went off. Heart stuck in her throat, she couldn’t think straight. Grabbing the alarm clock, she flung it across the room to die as it slammed into the wall.

“Landon.” She coughed, hoping her heart would return to its designated area and she flung the covers off to take a cold shower.


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