Between the Stories: Blake vs. Breanna

*** Please note: This excerpt is NSFW and NSFChildren. If you are 18+, please feel free to continue. ***

Door opening, Blake stiffened in surprise. Breanna strode into his office and closed, then locked the door behind her. His heart pounded so hard against his chest, he thought it might explode. Luckily, Chloe wasn’t under his desk today. Breanna looked at him, her eyes smoldering with desire.

A small smirk appeared on her lips and it made Blake’s palms sweat. He had no idea what she had in mind, what she was doing in here, or why she had locked the door. Heat filled his face and he could feel droplets forming along his forehead and upper lip. Breanna hadn’t paid any attention to him since the ménage with Chloe.

Watching, speechless, as Breanna unbuttoned her blouse, Blake felt like a trapped rabbit. The bra she was wearing under the bright red blouse matched the color perfectly. There was a front clasp and she unclipped it. Pulling her skirt up over her hips, she sat on the desk in front of him and placed one foot on each side of his thighs.

Licking the first two fingers of each hand, Breanna pinched and teased her nipples. The scent of desire reached Blake’s nose moments later. Glancing down, he saw she wasn’t wearing panties and she was soaked.

Lowering his mouth, Blake thought she wanted him to go down on her. However, before he could get close she pushed him back with her heeled foot. He hadn’t expected her to push him back into his chair. But then again, she hadn’t grabbed him by the hair and shoved him between her thighs, either.

She wagged her finger at him back and forth. “Ah, ah, ah. You haven’t earned that privilege yet. First you have to tell me what happened with Dylan after you two left work Friday. Don’t skimp on the details.” She continued to fondle her breasts, squeezing and pushing them against each other.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Blake licked his lips. Proud for not stammering his words, he couldn’t help but lick his lips as his mind remembered the taste of Dylan on his tongue.

“Lie. Tell me now.” Breanna leaned back on one elbow and lifted her knees. Blake became mesmerized watching the way her fingers glided along the soft, lightly tanned skin of her thigh.

“Now.” Blake felt his cock twitch at the command. A hot flush crept up his neck to his face as he thought about Dylan sucking on his cock after being forcibly shoved against the door, and then against the wall as they made their way to his bedroom.

“We went out for a beer…” Breanna’s lips turned to a sneer, her eyes chips of blue ice. Irritation flowed through the lines of her body into Blake.

“That’s where it started. We had a drink together. Outside when we left he shoved me up against the wall and kissed me. Dylan asked me if I wanted to go home with him and I said yes.” The words flew so fast out of his mouth, he wasn’t sure she had caught any of it.

“And when you got back to his house?” Breanna’s fingers were very close to her slit right now. Just tracing along the edges. She glistened in the bright overhead lights. Blake wanted to run his tongue where she was trailing her fingers, he wanted to shove his tongue as deep as it would go and lap every drop.

“When we got to his house, as soon as I closed the door, he pushed me up against it. He fell to his knees and undid my belt and pants. Then he tormented my balls until I begged him for more.” Breanna listened raptly. Her eyes bore into him and the heat from her gaze seared a line down through his cock. He couldn’t help but adjust himself.

“What else did you do? Tell me everything.” Breanna’s voice sounded lust-filled the way it deepened, the slow, syrupy way she spoke.

Blake unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was the only way for him to be comfortable with the position they were in.

“Did I give you permission to do that?” Blake faltered.

“No, mistress. Please accept my apology. Dylan and I had sex. He was the first guy who’s ever…” Blake felt the heat of her gaze on his face. He couldn’t stop the flush from creeping up over his cheeks either. “penetrated me.” The words were so quiet he could barely hear himself over the thumping of his heart.

“Say it again.” Breanna slid three fingers inside herself and then wiggled her hips against her hand. Blake couldn’t believe his supervisor was masturbating right in front of him on his desk.

“Dylan fucked me up the ass and I enjoyed every inch of him.” The sound that left Breanna’s mouth when he finished speaking set Blake’s nerves on fire. He was done playing this game. He either needed to get off or get her out of his office.

“What else?” Breanna slid her foot along his chest, stretching her leg over his shoulder. Her fingers were knuckle deep inside her wet hole, plunging in and out quickly. Blake’s head spun as he watched her tease and touch herself in the way he wanted to.

“I woke up in the middle of the night with his mouth around my cock. I exploded down his throat shortly after that.” He couldn’t look at her face any longer, he was too focused on her glistening fingers. His hands held tightly to the arms of his chair, knuckles white against the black plastic.

Blake swiped a hand down his face and it came away slightly damp. He figured Breanna knew she was pushing some big buttons with him. She was mostly naked on his desk, masturbating in front of him, and forcing him to tell her about sleeping with Dylan. The way she ground her hips to meet her fingers drove him insane.

Deciding enough was enough, Blake started to stand. Breanna raised an eyebrow at him and pushed him roughly back into his chair.

“I’m not quite done with you yet.”

“Yes, mistress.”

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