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I’ve been making little updates here and there. I switched the slider over to Random to have some fun. I figure since the first five posts are right here on the front page in all their glory, maybe people want to read other things that haven’t seen the light of day lately.

Making that change showed me how many posts needed to be updated with Featured Images and so forth. I haven’t added tags to all of them, but I’m not going to worry about that too much for older posts. I have been working on some posts, but I’m not happy with them. I’m not sure if they are dead posts or just not there yet.

Television and Writing

I watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. I followed the Tweets for the hashtag #VSFashionShow and was happily surprised while being disappointed and appalled at people. Victoria Secret models work hard to look the way they do. They workout. They are fit and healthy. They eat whatever they want unless they don’t want to have a heavy exercise regimen.

People were saying things, the usual things. Like eat a sandwich or cheeseburger and along those lines. Then you had the people who were emotionally hammered because they didn’t look like that. And then you had the jokesters saying they were eating pizza or ice cream and with lots of happily crying and laughing emojis. Then you had the random person take a photo of themselves fake-drinking a bottle of bleach. The lid was on the bottle. I’m sure they were doing it as a joke, being funny, but it didn’t feel funny to me. This young, pretty girl took this photo and it made me wonder how many people saw that and thought dark, horrible thoughts about themselves because if this pretty girl is joking about it, what chance do they have?

There are too many people hung up out there on outside image. If you aren’t thin, you aren’t pretty. If your thighs touch, you’re fat. If this, then that. It’s sad. It’s the state of the world.

I also started writing a post about how erotica and porn aren’t the same. I still believe that. Erotica, to me and some others I’ve chatted with, means everyone is happy, sex is consensual, everyone gets off, no one is being exploited. Porn, to me, means someone is being used in a way that makes me make that ugh face. I’ve watched porn to get ideas for positions or to verify something about an idea. I much prefer the films at – and that’s not just because I’ve written for them, it’s because you can tell everyone is happy and delightful and having a good time. No one is being forced into something that makes them uncomfortable and it shows. Just my two cents.

More Television, More Writing, Calls and Classes

Other things going on… I’m still working on Flashed on Friday for the 7 days of sin series. I need to write my 1200 word submission for the Big Book of Submission. I am thinking of also writing for the Sexy Librarian’s Dirty Thirty – it depends on how I’m doing after all this other writing. I’ve also signed up for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s last Between the Sheets class. Yeah… I’m freaked out and elated all at the same time, but when I found out it was the last class, I couldn’t pass it up. That starts in February.

I binge-watched Lethal Weapon on Sunday and have fallen in love with the show. I take back everything I said about it. Riggs is the type of guy who will get Roger home to his family and I love this version of Roger and Trish. I enjoyed them in the movies, but the way they are written in the show as a power couple really makes me happy. I think they need to have more sex, though. (Just a thought on how Trish teases him so…)

I also started watching Westworld… and holy fuck that show is fucked up. That’s the only way to describe it. I plan on finishing the first season this weekend. I never read the novel it’s based on, but it makes me wonder and I may have to just to see if it’s as fucked up as HBO has remade it or not. Curiosity and all.

Well, that’s all that’s going on. It’s Thursday so that means the new inspirational post will be coming out for Masturbation Monday and Supernatural is on tonight. I hope you have a smutty day.

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