Adventures in Writing: Late Night Retweet Group

Dear Erotica Authors on Radish,

I’d like to introduce you to a new and exciting retweet group. I know, another set of letters you have to hashtag. It’s a chore. But, I promise, worth your time.

Due to various reasons (beyond our control), very few Late Night (Erotica) stories make it to the home page of the Radish App. I mentioned starting a twitter group for the authors and stories in that section to Dr. J and Oleander. They told me to run with it and hopped on board my crazy train.

After starting graphics and making a address for Twitter, I stopped and said “Oh, do you think I should ask Radish before I do this?” Obviously, the answer was “Uh, yeah you might want to.”

So, I emailed my contact to say “Hey, had this idea for a Twitter Retweet Group for Late Night. Thoughts?”

Not only was I given the green light, I was also asked for a link once everything was up and running! This excited me and so I dove in head first. I wasn’t sure what kind of graphic detail I wanted for the header, so I did some research. I didn’t want anything truly explicit. So, I went with flirty reflection text saying ‘late night’ and naughty phrases. Still, nothing truly explicit. I think the naughtiest is ‘cuddle me naked’. It gets the point across.

I went with naughty phrases because if Radish wants to promote our Twitter profile on their public profiles, they wouldn’t have to worry about the content of the graphics that would be attached to the link. I’m hoping the touch of naughty will be enough to tempt the authors to peek in, follow, use the hashtag to get promoted (and to promote to their readers to check it out because they might find other authors here).

Please take a moment and check out the profile, follow and let us know if you’re an author writing for Late Night on Radish. We will follow you back and add you to the list, and also retweet you when you use #LNRTG.


Mischa, Oleander, and Dr. J.

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