Adventures in Writing: Finish What You Start

There’s a rule you need to follow when you’re any creative type and that’s to finish what you’ve started. Sometimes, that rule needs to be broken. The only time I break this rule is if something just isn’t working. The story doesn’t flow or something else isn’t working. I put it aside to either try again later or cannibalize it for another story.

There are many dead stories and posts that litter my hard drive and my cloud files. I wish I still had a 3.5 floppy drive because I’m sure I have many disks with stories on them that could be shredded and pieced back together. I have two dead laptops that have stories on their hard drives as well. Stories that will never see the light of day now. I know I could get them off of the drive with a little help, but I think I would rather work on new material, think up new ideas, and leave the dead to rot on their dusty drives. For now, anyway. Perhaps someday I’ll finally get some help retrieving them. I know I want the photos that are located there, but I’m in no rush to get them either.

How do you finish what you start when your mind floods with new ideas every day? For me? Sometimes I have to start the new thing immediately. It’s why it takes so long for me to put out a new story. Other times I can write out the idea and whatever details I can glean from the fractured pieces so that I can go back to it. I prefer the times that I can put the ideas and tidbits down and move back to the story I want to be working on. Sometimes it just doesn’t work that way and I follow where my muse leads me. She tends to lead me in a good direction, sometimes he is a drunken lunatic racing 100mph the wrong way down the highway.

My muse is fickle like that. 

I have several stories in the works. I finally touched Flashed on Friday from 7 days of sin again. I know that I need more frontage on the story, so that is what I started working on. I have two stories from the Between the Sheets LitReactor class that I need to finish. One for submission by the end of May and the other I am going to lengthen and strengthen so that I can submit to Carina Press’s Open Erotica Call. I’ve started a project with Dr. J. that is shaping up to be lots of fun. I can’t wait to see what direction it takes. And, of course, my weekly submissions for Masturbation Monday. I love doing them too much to quit now. I had planned on lowering my word count, but you’ve possibly seen how well that happened with last week’s being 1400 words. On top of all that, I’ve also started writing something longer thanks to the popularity of the Boss series of posts. However, I need to finish my submissions and Flashed on Friday first.

I want to entertain you. I want to fulfill your kinky fantasies, or at least get your body squirming and feeling really sexy. I also want to make some cash from my words. That means finishing my longer works and making covers and getting them out there.

There’s an episode of White Call called “The Original” where Neal has to go undercover as a sculpture forger to catch someone who is forging sculptures. The guy that this person is forging was his mentor, who would force his students to destroy the thing they made, even if it was perfect in every way. I think of doing that with my writing when something isn’t working – I don’t like deleting things. So, I reshape it. I break it down and find the pieces that will work elsewhere. While I may not be finishing what I originally started, all those bits and pieces get put to good use. Now and then you might need to destroy something you loved in order to create something truly worthwhile.

Look through all those old stories and find the gems among the detritus. Write something new like the phoenix rising from its ashes.


  1. I totally agree you need to finish what you start! After all, you won’t get anywhere with your projects if you don’t finish them =) Great advice!

    1. Thank you. It’s good advice because if you never finish something how will you know you can?

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