Adventures in Writing: The Closing of WriteOn

Another excellent concept down the drain…

I received an email last week that WriteOn, an online “workshop” of sorts for writers created by Amazon is closing down. Authors were able to go there, post what they were writing and hope for feedback from readers. It’s basically a prettified version of WattPad, where lots of people have gained followers and fame and even fortune.

Speaking of censorship…

I liked WriteOn. I don’t get a stupid warning stating that I can’t publicly post erotica. Things that are adult and mature and of an erotic nature are marked as such on WriteOn, where with Wattpad, they force you behind a wall. The only people who can see your writing there are those who follow you. If you read their content guidelines they specifically state that they don’t allow pornographic or erotica material, and yet it’s there, if you search.

While I understand, the whole being forced behind a wall, I think people should be forced to say what they want to see and what they don’t. Smashwords has a simple option to show mature content, a simple button you click that says Yes or No to adult content. Amazon doesn’t have this and it’s one of the biggest issues that erotica authors have with them. They get their work tossed into the dungeon if there’s so much as one little thing wrong with the product, but you can easily search for sex toys and bdsm implements regardless of your age. And most of those bdsm implements? They show naughty images of them in use, but you best not show too much skin on that erotica cover, lest you be punished and not in a good, pleasurable way.

Hope never wanes, right?

Maybe someday Amazon will grow the fuck up and create an adult filter that’s capable of hiding all the naughty behind a simple click instead of punishing authors for wanting to share sexy stories that help people feel better. They feel better about themselves, about their lives, their partners. They feel less alone when they think they’re the only ones who like a certain kink or fetish and when they read about their specific turn-on in a story, they feel less alone.

I’m sad that WriteOn will be closing. I didn’t use it that much, just for Tied-Up Tuesday and Mistaken Monday. I had a couple of comments and a couple of followers, but I don’t think WriteOn really got any traction.

So, in case you didn’t get the notice…

Make sure you copy or download your material and comments from WriteOn before March 22nd. They’re closing officially on that day. And how nice was it to give us plenty of notice?

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