Adventures in Writing: Blog Categories

Good morning, everyone! Today I’m sharing thoughts on why you should be using categories on your blog.

If you look in my sidebar, you’ll find the categories list. Every post on my site gets at least one, once in a while, I’ll use two, but every post gets one. While it’s not prominent on the site, it’s still there. Even if you don’t display your categories list like I do, you should still use them.

There are occasions that I post longer works in parts. If I forget to link those parts (it happens… ) then the next best thing for the reader to do is to click on the category because it’s probably a good chance that the posts on either side are related, depending on how many parts there are to the story.

The very last thing I want to do is to scroll through your site, page after page, looking for part 1 of a 5 part story. Thanks to the genius of Nicci Haydon, I’ve also started linking to the previous parts of stories in the story as well. I do my best to make it easy to navigate the website, to get you where you want to go in the shortest number of clicks.

Categories are also a great way to separate everything. If someone is coming to your site and all they want are your free stories, they can easily find them by clicking on a category labeled free stories. I don’t have a free stories category, I do have a Free Erotica tag, however. But most people who come here know that Masturbation Monday, Sizzling Nibbles, and Wicked Wednesday contain free erotic stories. It’s easy to find Excerpts because – you guessed it – , it is also a category.

There are no excuses for not setting up categories when you start a blog. Especially if you already know what type of topics you’ll be sharing. The display name can even be different from the actual path, so if you want to change the name of a category, you don’t have to start a whole new one (at least not on WordPress).

Even if you already have thousands of posts, taking the time to go through and categorize them will not only help you easily share a path to that particular category on social media, it’ll possibly also increase your number of pageviews because someone will start reading post after post or story after story.

Thanks for reading. Do you have any blog tips? Share them in the comments or a link to your own post.

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