Adventures in Writing: Accidental Homework Assignment

This post comes to you today due to my Twitter Tribe – so many amazing people coming together to support and bolster each other in times of need. Today, we have challenged ourselves to a homework assignment.

I’m mostly writing a post so that all the details are in one place (for me, because I’m absentminded more often than not) and for those who possibly missed something due to real life projects. Totally by accident, we have a homework assignment due Friday Nightish (due to timezone differences) that has to be 1500 words (minimum it turns out).

Also, this keychain must be involved. I know, you love the mini flogger and fuzzy balls. Admit it. Anyway, Dr. J. asked what it invoked and it became an entire thing and now there’s a homework assignment (technically, that means it’s her fault, right?) Anyway. This keychain is central to the story along with a key, of course – what’s a keychain without a key?

So far we’ve mentioned a professor (please do not use any descriptions of real persons, dead, undead, alive, in the story – yes I’m being silly, but things have changed!! No really, no real peoples please!), a student, a lecture hall, a coffee shop, pumpkin spice, hot cocoa, and a maintenance person or janitor. It’s going to be comedic and absurd in an Austin Powers sort of way, but with actual sex. So far in this amazing heroic feat with lots of sexy comedy is: Dr. J., Professor Sex, John Benson, Gio the Arrogant, Nicci Haydon, PhAfterDark, and myself. These stories will not be available outside of email (unless changed to protect identities that may or may not have been utilized). There’s also no working together (no cheating) and no sharing. I’ve already got my title, folks and I can’t wait to dig in!

PS: This is why having a group of people who support, respect, and love you is important. They don’t have to write in the same genre as you either, but hopefully they’ll offer help, ideas, talk about plot bunnies and twisty ideas with you. They’ll hold your hand, physically or virtually, when things go sideways. They’ll laugh and cry with tears of joy when you get the best news ever.


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    • drjauthor on October 5, 2017 at 9:18 pm
    • Reply

    My doing, you say. I think you are at the root of this little adventure. xoxox

    1. But you shared the keychain photo AND asked what naughty ideas it made people think… Totally your fault. 🙂

  1. This is so much fun!!! Consider me in!! xoxox

    1. Woohoo! Now we’re talkin’. Let’s DO THIS.

  2. I totally agree with you about having the support group. It has made a major difference in my writing life.

    1. Even just running ideas or lines or entire stories by each other… it’s an immense help and I’m so grateful. <3

  3. I wrote a story!!! Is it too late?

    1. Ha! No way. Never too late. Some of us are going to be punished for our lateness (myself included ?).

        1. I’m still working on mine so I haven’t read any yet. 🙁

          1. I can’t wait!

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