Adventures in Writing: Not Blocked, Just Exhausted

What do you do when you’re exhausted and want to write?

This past week, I can’t seem to get my footing. I was good over the weekend, but lately, I am exhausted. I have stories flowing through my mind and if one catches me long enough, I’ll tap out the idea. Other than that, everything seems to be overwhelming. I’ve been taking my vitamin D3 for a little boost, but it’s not working.

I thought, maybe, it was just… yanno, that woman thang giving me extra issues. But usually I’m fine after the first couple of days. I bounce back. This week, not at all. Last night, even though I had mashed potatoes, chicken, and veggies for dinner, I didn’t sleep. Usually, the carbs from the mashed potatoes can knock me out enough to get a few hours. Not last night.

Finding a comfortable position was easy. But then I wouldn’t fall asleep. So, I would change position. And repeat that a few more times. I tried drinking some milk, which usually works. Nada, nothing, zilch last night, though. It was like the Sandman forgot to come and give me a dream!

Today I have been in a fog. I was nice enough to let people know I didn’t get much (no) sleep last night. I wasn’t alone. Several others hadn’t gotten any sleep either. Perhaps the Sandman went on vacation and forgot to let his assistant know?

Instead of going home and taking a nap as I was wont to do, I decided to go out after work and get some coffee, some food, and try to write. So far I’ve commented on the EA board at Reddit, sent an email about the comment button being missing on WP Reader for my blog (again), eaten half a sandwich, and drank some coffee (which is probably stupid).

I forgot my lunch this morning. Which had my second coffee in it. I did remember to take my supervisor’s gift of Ferrero Rocher and a limited edition bottle of Absolut. The highlight of my day was leading around a mini Supergirl and her big sister to pick out items from our sample room to take home. It made my day. (I hung out with SUPERGIRL!)

For lunch I had a ham & cheese lunchable and a mountain dew, which was probably also a bad idea (just like this caramel latte I’m sucking down right now). Alright.. I need to order another sandwich and head on home so that my daughter can eat. Should be fun! She’s hiding a gift from me. I threatened to lick it when I got home, but since I didn’t go home, I didn’t get that chance. Have a Smutty evening!

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