Adventures in Writing: Control Issues

I believe I’ve touched on this topic previously, but I thought it was time to touch on it again. There are scary things happening in the publishing world again. I am not intimate with the details and I’m not published or selling through any of the places that are dropping off the face of the world wide web. I feel blessed that I’m not going through what those authors and publishers are going through.

There are authors out there who write full-time. They look for traditional publishers so they can also have a crew on board. They have someone to help them edit and revise, they have someone to help with cover, blurb, and if need be, the title. Proofreading, Marketing, they help with those things, too. Maybe not as much, but any little bit helps. Authors who write full-time are depending on things going right. They are depending on readers enjoying and buying their book. They are depending on royalties being paid on-time and correctly.

When you see a website that both sells and publishes books close down with little warning and then hear the cries of authors when they find out they are most likely going to be screwed out of 90 days worth of royalties, you cringe in fear. It doesn’t matter if those royalties amount to 2 dollars or 2,000 dollars. That money has been earmarked as potential income for that author. It’s been earmarked to pay bills, buy food, possibly for future marketing they pay for out of their pocket, and hopefully savings (or better yet, emergency savings).

When I see blog posts out there detailing court papers or saying how the owner(s) got greedy or are crazy, it’s frightening.

It’s why I continue to self-publish. I am the person in charge. I know what royalty I’ll receive from Amazon and Smashwords. I know what the book content will be and I know what the cover will look like. I write the blurb, I do my own social media, and I submit my titles to various locations to be listed or boosted. Currently, I look for free deals to get the titles out there such as Lars Kaiden’s website and Shameless Book Deals. When I’m writing more and better and longer (and deeper!), and hopefully from doing so, I’ll earn more readers and fans that will want to devour every title in my list, I’ll do marketing that costs a little so that I get the bonus boost of having put myself fully out there.

I did send in submissions for Best Women’s Erotica of the Year Vol 3, and Big Book of Submission Vol 2. Hopefully one or both of those will make it and more readers will flock to the website. (And let’s touch on that, too, shall we?)

The writing on the website is always free. You get full short stories here all the time. I know people enjoy them, I know because I see my numbers growing in the stats behind the scenes. While people don’t always comment, I see you coming to read, lurking to read another story or another post. There are some who probably read several things and others who only have time for one little short. I appreciate those of you that come here over and over again to read my writing. I hope you are able to encourage friends that enjoy the same reading material as you to come visit as well. I would love to hear from you, even if you didn’t like something. Be constructive with your criticism and it’ll help us all. I’ll write better and you’ll get better material to read. Win/Win for all.

Will I someday look into more traditional publishing? Maybe, but with a full-time job and doing everything on my own right now, it’s a little more difficult to focus on hard deadlines. I give myself both soft and hard deadlines. Soft deadlines give me time to have a lazy day or a lazy weekend while the hard deadlines keep me from becoming a sloth (even though they are adorable!).

I’ve said before and I’ll say again, writing is a release for me. Do I want to make good money from it? Absolutely. I’d like to be able to retire so that I can write full-time. I have a few years before that happens, and with the stock market going up and down like crazy, I can’t really count on a retirement fund to be there when the time comes. I do have one, but I’d much prefer socking money away in my figurative mattress as well.

Do you have thoughts on the insanity that’s been happening? Have you been affected by it? Are you going to be okay? I truly hope that you are. I honestly think that something has to be done to get the money due to those authors that were screwed. It hurts seeing people pour their heart, soul, blood, and tears onto the page only to have it ripped away from them like a calf from its mother. (Yes, I meant to be harsh there, but I also drink milk, so don’t judge me.)

Share your thoughts in the comments and if you’ve written about the craziness, feel free to share a link to your blog as well.

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