A Penny for your Thoughts: Why I should wake up at 6am

I used to wake up at 6am Monday through Friday, without fail.

Waking up at 6am gave me plenty of time to shower, take care of hair, makeup, and make coffee. If I didn’t eat a proper dinner, I could have something quick for breakfast. Normally, I don’t eat breakfast. I have a snack around 930. For the past few years, I’ve been a willing slave to the snooze button. However, since I use my phone as my snooze button, I only get three 5-minute snoozes and then it’s like “screw you, you lazy bum” and if I don’t get up, I am screwed.

Now, I don’t leave for work until twenty minutes before I have to be there. It’s a short drive. Yes, I am lucky to have that. It’s difficult for people these days to find a job close to home and it tends to cut into their family and personal time. On top of that, they have to deal with many more idiots on the road than I do, which makes their commute so much worse. Listening to their complaints about how far they drive and what they have to go through to get to their day job, which then tends to stress them out even more, is one of my top reasons for not looking for another job. That and I do like my job. The people I work with are fun to be around and I feel useful when I can help make someone else’s day easier.

If I started waking up at 6am on the dot again, depending on the kid’s schedule, I could get a lot more done in the morning. I could do some more writing. Currently, I get up by 6:20, jump in the shower, brush my teeth and put in my contacts, then get dressed followed by hair and makeup. I’m usually done somewhere between 6:55 and 7:05. Yes, I do get ready fairly quick. I don’t wash my hair in the morning. I only wash it a couple of times a week and usually in the evening. I don’t blowdry my hair either, I wrap it up in a tight bun and hope I get nice waves in the morning. Lately, it doesn’t have enough time to dry, or I’m wrapping it up too tight. I might go back to braiding it, but the bun gives better curls. I know, too much info.

Once I’m ready, I make coffee, feed the cat, and turn on the morning news, which I mostly ignore while reading email and going through Twitter notifications. My daughter used to get annoyed because I would get up at 6 and not have to leave the house until almost 8. I told her it gave me time to do things I wanted to do before going to do things I have to do. And that explanation still works. I feel that if I start the day on my terms, it’s going to be a good day. I choose to get up early enough to have coffee and sit around doing “nothing” for 40 minutes. Some mornings I’ll unload and load the dishwasher. Some mornings I’ll help her get out the door. The last thing I want is to run out the door feeling late when my day hasn’t officially started.

If I were able to get up at 6, I could linger in the shower a little if I wanted. I could take a little extra time reading emails. I could be ready by 640, sipping my coffee and writing by 645. It’s only 15 minutes more in the morning, but that means another 15 minutes of writing a blog post or researching some seriously hot inspiration over at Pinterest. Who needs the sweats and pizza? Just give me the hot guy, netflix, and no one gets hurt? Oh wait, where was I? Right… more time.

My main issue is that I go to bed at 1030. I try not to be any later than 11. However, just because I go to bed doesn’t mean I instantly fall asleep. I toss and turn a little, I get comfortable and sleepy, and then I have to turn over again. I can’t figure out why. It doesn’t matter that I’m comfortable and sleepy, I am compelled to change positions, so I do. Last night I went to bed at 1030. I woke up at 1130, one hour later, thinking I had to get up. I woke up again at 130 from a dream about a tornado. I hate dreams about tornados. Then my alarm went off at 6 and I was like wait… wasn’t it just 130? So I hit snooze… and crawled out of bed 15 minutes later.

What are you sleep issues? Do you have changes to your schedule that you regret? How many times do you hit snooze or do you hop out of bed ready to greet the day? I am some kind of night owl or late day type. Getting up this early drives me batty. Share your feelings and thoughts about having to keep to a schedule.


  1. I think about being a morning person, but realistically it’s never going to happen. I’m a night person. I stay up too late for the time I need to get up, which is not negotiable with kids. But to get everyone’s needs met including mine, it requires late nights. I’m trying to do better with it, because I know more sleep means more mental sharpness means more creativity.

    1. I’m not a morning person either. If I were lucky (not requiring a day job, so independently wealthy) I would sleep when I was tired and not keep any real hours. lol

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