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From Prolific to… what?

While the ‘one word’ movement is mainly religious, I’ve pretty much twisted it to my own needs. Why shouldn’t I? It can work for everyone in a religious or non-religious manner. Last year, I chose Prolific. And while it means ‘present in large numbers or quantities; plentiful’ I feel that I went above and beyond. When it comes to writing, prolific means to write everything – bad, good, excellent. I feel that I did good with the quality of my writing regarding the stories published, Masturbation Monday, and Sizzling Nibbles.

This time around I’m having a difficult time picking just one word. I’d like to be more Consistent with my writing. While I tend to write 5 days a week for 25ish minutes on my lunch, the rest of my off-time consists of me waffling between writing, television, and the urge to crawl into bed and sleep. Regardless of taking vitamins, the winter blues still take a toll.

Consistent isn’t enough, though. I want to submit to more anthologies. I want to answer Calls of Submissions. I want to spread my writing the way guys spread their seed when they can’t keep their pants zipped. (Descriptive, no?) Stupidly, I stopped keeping track of the number of words I’ve written, but then again, I had started keeping track sometime in June, so it wouldn’t have been reflective of the year. Perhaps if I start in January this year, I’ll keep better track.

I want to be more Proficient. I’d like to continue to increase my education. I’m taking the (last) class taught by Rachel Kramer Bussel – Between the Sheets through LitReactor. It costs a pretty shiny golden goose, but that will be my Birthday/Christmas gift to myself for the next few years. (Sometimes, it’s really nice to splurge on something worthwhile and I’ve heard nothing but good things about this class. I had planned to wait, but when I heard it was the last, I had to sign up.)

I want to take other classes: proofreading, editing, cover creation, marketing. I like the covers I make, but I know they can be better. So, it’s more than just being consistent with my writing, it’s also improving upon each facet of the business. There are tons of free information out there, lots of educational materials. I just need to better apply myself to taking advantage of them. That requires me to do some research, make a schedule, and keep to it.

Keeping to schedules isn’t my best skill. I mean, the only schedule I truly keep to is getting up, going to work, running errands, going home, and getting to bed. But that pays the bills, puts food on the table, etc, etc. Writing and publishing and everything that goes with it is sometimes so much and I want to do everything, that it will become overwhelming, so I won’t do anything at all.

Obviously, that has to stop. I need to create goals and keep to them. Of course, there are other things I feel I need to do as well. I want to go out more often. I sit at home all the time. I need to start exercising again. I actually can’t wait for spring so I can go write at the park again. I want to travel more. I want to go to the beach and write, which I didn’t do at all last year, regardless of how much I wanted to do just that. I felt that it would be silly sitting on the beach in a bikini and a laptop. More so, I don’t want to really go to a local beach. I want to go a bit out of my way and visit somewhere new. Different places get the muse excited and that means words pour out onto the blank page.

So, the words I’ll be using to get me in shape 2017 will be Consistent and Proficient. I’ll setup goals and keep to them. What will you be doing in 2017?

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