A Penny for your Thoughts: A Dog’s Purpose Review

My daughter and I went to go see A Dog’s Purpose last night and it was everything the commercials made it out to be. A roller coaster of tears and laughter.

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Before you get up in arms about the abuse of the German Shepherd Hercules (perfect name by the way), please be aware that there’s an article at Vanity Fair stating what really happened.┬áSo, please stop, breathe, and read that article by Laura Bradley with a new addition by Dennis Quaid. The movie truly is worth seeing.

Anyway, this movie punches you right in the feels immediately. It didn’t help that randomly yesterday afternoon I turned on Precious Puppies documentary on Netflix for the hell of it. And then one about cats. I absolutely loved this movie. Watching A Dog’s Purpose gives you perspective regarding life itself.


Play. Run. Eat. Work. Sleep. Lick the people you love.

Yes, I did add a little ‘extra’ into that. I laughed at the ‘lick the people you love’. It’s the best quote from the whole movie.

I think the biggest thing about this movie that hit me was that, in a way, everyone was alone. Ethan was alone until he got Bailey. Carlos was alone until he let Ellie into his bed, regardless that Ellie is the German Shepherd and his K9 Partner. Maya was alone until Tino took an interest in Roxy and she remet Al, and on it goes.

So, not only is the purpose of a dog’s life to cheer up their person (or family), but perhaps it’s also supposed to help us get out into the world and make friends, meet people, fall in love, and see both the forest and the trees. Think about it. When you have a dog, you have to take the dog for walks. You have to let them run. You need to play with them and take them places.

Currently, I’m a Cat person…

My daughter and her boyfriend have a dog and she goes pretty much everywhere. She’s adorable – half German Shepherd and half Black Lab. She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and so well behaved. She’s quiet and loves to play fetch and tug of war. I can definitely see her purpose in life being to keep people happy. We tend to get her worked up by barking and howling. When we do that, she runs around in circles like a looney-toon. It’s hilarious and we all laugh.

I’ve had dogs in my life. I’m more of a cat person now because I don’t live somewhere I can have a dog long-term. Perhaps someday again I will have a dog, but right now it’s not in the cards. The dogs I had were always for protective purposes. They guarded the back door to the business my parents owned, an early warning system if anyone tried to come in that way.

However, they were also companions. True friends that you could tell anything to. I miss every one of those dogs. Each time when Bailey passed on and then found himself back again, he still thought about Ethan from his first life. Yep, reincarnation is included in this movie – so if you have any kind of religious beliefs against such a thing, you may want to try to put them aside to see this movie because it’s worth it.

If you haven’t seen What Dreams May Come, you might want to watch that one as well. It’s an excellent movie, another one that punches the feels pretty hard, but it shows what lengths some people will go to when it comes to family and love.

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